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  3. ... because I want to change my dress 😂 Thanks!
  4. Hi. The game doesn't support mouse scrolling for storage or npc tool dealer brownings 🙂
  5. my mouse scroll is not functioning while scrolling in storage and while trying to buy somethings from the NPC Tool Dealer. Please help!! my mouse is functioning when i stop the game and not functioning whenever the game is on.
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  7. Gotcha. The auto chance was set on 0.1% I'm not sure how accurate Divine is, i dont think the 10% they add is accurate, because there are no code leaks. I will follow the other classic card with autospell which is 5%. Will be fixed after next update.
  8. where do the event monsters spawn???
  9. We tried trying to proc sealed creator, does not work. 10% chance according to divine-pride. test.rrf
  10. Hi. This only works when it's direct attack. Also updated the item description.
  11. Lai


    Changelogs Autumn is here guys, one of the best season to get out and take some maple leaf falling pictures. I hope everyone is having a great time and is now harvesting great money from hard works of this year. A chill update with some bug fixes and rebalances. Content Updates Limitless Island Deep Mine Lowered the requirement for Pickaxe purchase Added a new Pickaxe to the shop Mine deposit in Deep Mine loot revamped (only new zeny loots now) Improved monster Gelstar drop in Deep Mines. Added some new monsters in the mines. Mining Mithril Quest updated Now only gives EXP, require 1 mithril ore only. Homunculus and mercenary can no longer mine, if they mine = owner will die. Gelstar Store Lowered the cost of items in Gelstar Store. More tradable items Charleston Parts Schwartzvald Honor Token Hugel Racing Thanks Tickets Improve Edda Glastheim monster drops Added more functions to Thump Boxes Silvervine Cat Costume hat thump box Pet thump box Class Shadow Thump boxes Added sell price for ETC loots in Illusion dungeon vampire, frozen and abyss. All costume stones added to Sabrina sisters enchantment. Added Noblesse safe Refine ticket to Honor Token shop in Prontera Castle. Gold now costs 500k zeny in Limit Market. Bug Fixes Added some missing quest indicator for Illusion of Vampire dungeon. Fixed issue with Teleport for FOGH and Edda Moonlight instances. Fixed Soul Division requires level 10 Espa instead of 5. Fixed Excorcism Bible can't be applied with random options. Event Updates
  12. Autumn Harvest Festival Autumn is here, the weather is getting colder. A lot of corps are ripened and ready for harvest, wish all a happy Thanksgiving. 2021.09.07 to 2021.10.07 Event NPCs Main NPC Description Main host of the festival. Help her out to activate the other dailies. Reward: Ticket to anywhere Lottery ticket for harvest Daily event quest Reward: 2x Lottery ticket for harvest Daily event quest Reward: Ticket to anywhere Lottery ticket for harvest Daily event quest Reward: 2x Lottery ticket for harvest Sub Daily event quest Reward Costume Roasted Sweet Potato 2x Lottery ticket for harvest Event Unique Costume Costume Roasted Sweet Potato Effect During Event period Increases damage to all Size enemies by 10%. Increases EXP gained from hunting normal monsters by 5%. A chance to drop Harvest Festival Cookies when hunting monsters. Combo with (C) Bonfire ATK +10%, reduces Fixed casting time by 0.2 second, additional 5% increased EXP when hunting normal monsters. Combo with (C) Autumn Flavors MATK +10%, reduces Fixed casting time by 0.2 second, additional 5% increased EXP when hunting monsters. Event Lottery NPC Name Reward List Nale and Gale For each lottery, they take either 1x Lottery ticket for harvest or 10x High-quality branches or 1x Actinidia Cat Fruit or 1,000,000 zeny. Blacksmith Blessing Lai's Secret Key Rough Zelunium Zelunium Rough Shadowdecon Shadowdecon (C) Bonfire (C) Turkey Hat (C) Autumn Flavors (F) Almighty (F) Njord's Power Potion (F) Life Potion I (F) Life Potion III 2x Hometown Food Pig Steamed Ribs Cow Steamed Ribs 3x NotForSale Rice Cake 3x Teacake 3x Fried Pastry 10x Harvest Mooncake Event Monsters
  13. Hi, idk what u looked for on divine pride, but u tagged a hat. This is the card.
  14. According to Divine-Pride, it is weapon card but its actually armor card since the non sealed version is armor according to ratemyserver. Since it is armor card, the tooltip is wrong but like all armor cards with proc, it is always when hit chance of proc instead of chance when hitting like with weapon/accessory cards. Also, we tried to proc it in GvG setting and it does not proc the acid terror (was carrying acid bottle). I think this card effect's is currently bugged. Please see this GM Lai. Thanks.
  15. Hi. It's a false alarm. Due to the program being private made, many anti virus will recognize it as virus.
  16. Hi Lai, Unable to unable as my anti-virus that is an Failed - Virus detected. Please clear the virus carefully. Thanks!
  17. https://www.limitragnarok.com/4kresoutionguide.rar This one. ❤️
  18. I am unable to find the guide, went to the download guide only have the installer download, don't mind if you can provide me the link? Thanks!
  19. Hi. If you want to use 4K resolutions. You need to download the 4k resolution guide from our Download page. It includes a few dll that allows you to have big game screen. Try it out. It has step by step guide.
  20. Hi Lai, I have resolve the issue by following the default settings from my laptops, however I am unable to use 1920X1440x32 Resolution I'll get error " Cannot init d3d OR grf file has problem". Thanks!
  21. Ilucie

    Ranger ASPD problem

    Hi, with the old Limit Ro Server 🙂 I changed to the new Server a few days ago because I didnt play RO for a few months and kind of missed the move 😄. I use the same gear and weapon (bow) on both characters, but the Ranger is too slow. ASPD should be 'naked' around 180 with 100 Agi (tried several stat calcs). And my Ranger on Old-Limit was way faster (just as calculated). The calculated ASPD for my Dancer (now Gypsy) is correct, she reaches that ASPD without gear/buffs. But the Ranger doesnt. Dunno, it just feels strange to play the Ranger and it was always my favorite class (even on euRO yeeears ago) 😟
  22. Lai

    Ranger ASPD problem

    Hi. what "old server" are you comparing with? Dancer is Dancer and Ranger is Ranger not really same. But, the more AGI you have, the more ASPD you can get. Also depends on what weapon you use.
  23. Good morning 😄 I started a Dancer yesterday and noticed that her ASPD is much higher than the ASPD from my Ranger. Dancer (92): 71 AGI, 178 ASPD unbuffed Ranger (156): 100 AGI and 171 ASPD unbuffed Stat Calc told me I should have around 180 ASPD and my Ranger on the old server was also much faster with the identical build. Is there something wrong with my character/the calculation? Regards
  24. I did before twice, I now have a game_crash log, not sure if you know how to read on the log? Thanks!
  25. Hi, you can simply delete the whole folder and re-extract.
  26. Ilucie

    cant patch game

    Well... I found my mistake. I forgot to disable the firewall, I just disabled the antivirus and even with an exception (the whole folder) BullGuard is extremely sensitive. But thank you for the fast reply, I'm gonna play now without error ❤️
  27. August conversation has ended, those who didn't convert during August can still convert in September, but the rates is 25% return. All mails I receive from today until end of the month is 25% return.
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