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  1. Was your inventory full when you claimed from Sprakki? You need to talk to Receptionist again, after enchanting the Flower Ring of Benediction.
  2. Hi, this guide is abit outdated. To receive beginner box, you need to finish the Academy Tutorial 2: https://www.limitragnarok.com/wiki/Limit_Academy#2nd_Academy_Tutorial
  3. Lai

    Royal Hunting 2021

    Of course. Physical Kit Max HP 100-500 Max SP 10-50 ATK 5-10 ATK% 1-3 DEF 5 -20 Hit 10-20 Physical dmg increase Brute monsters 1~5 Physical dmg increase Fish monsters 1~5 Physical dmg increase Dragon monsters 1~5 Physical dmg increase Insect monsters 1~5 Physical dmg increase Small 1~5 Physical dmg increase Medium 1~5 Physical dmg increase Large 1~5 Magical Kit Same as above but Maigcal dmg improvement.
  4. Hi. We will apply a fix. For now, you can reset trait from reseter to get the 7 bonus.
  5. Lai

    Server Progression

    Today, we released 3 new dungeons + Imperial and Grace sets. OGC will come end of the month ~
  6. Changelogs Herro! Good to see you, all good? Me good, hope you too! Bery guud! Supposed to be a big update end of the month, but I felt it will be too much, so I decided to split it into 2 parts. This part will bring us as seen on the title, 3 new dungeons with equipment and weapons! Also a brand new client + expanded 4th jobs base support. Content Updates Einbech Mine F3 A new level 180+ dungeon under Einbech Mine. Unique monsters that drops minerals. New weapons and accessories! Past Odin Temple A 180+ dungeon for you to experience the past feeling of Odin Temple. See the angel monsters in their ancient form. Brand new equipment and enchants. Abyss Lake F4 A 190+ dungeon to discover the hidden treasure under Abyss Lake. New set of equipment and random options! Imperial and Grace sets! A newbie friendly update for Limitronians to obtain new set of gears. See wiki Episode 16.2 and Episode 17.1 for the NPC location! Refine tickets for those sets included in the shop! Job Changer Speak to Job Changer as max leveled expanded job to turn into the new jobs. If you are a Summoner, speak to Sage Tiger for the job change! Misc Updates Black Friday donation Credits 20% bonus! On 26th November whole day, each donation you make to support server, gives 20% extra credits! Server time 00:00 to 23:59 on 26th November! Added Einbech Mine F3 Mineral exchange NPC in Limit Market. You can turn 3 into 1 different. Improved Somatology Laboratory instance enchant rate of high level enchant stones. New sample Client Features Get the new client. You may patch up the game to receive all files automatically. You may also download Full Installer v3 - which is pre-patched. More Preview feature Allowing you to preview costume garment from cash shop. Allowing you to preview hats from NPC shop. Game Setting "Rodex block stranger." Mark this to block RODEX from not friend/not guild mates. Unequip all - click to unequip all equipped items (excluding shadow gears). Improved Zoom in / out Note: this is unofficial, so some sprites if you zoom too much in or out, may not be good looking 😛 10 New Hairstyles from Stylist in Service center.
  7. Hi, feel free to download our new full patched v3 installer.
  8. Hi. Try to re-patch it. This could happen when patch file gets corrupted during the patch. Usually network related.
  9. Hi, thanks for the report! Added a fix patch.
  10. Lai

    QoL Suggestions

    I will improve the Dungeon/Fields with Level based as recommendations. And adding the missing ones. Also adding the missing ones with requires "pre-quest" check.
  11. Lai

    [QoL] Limit HQ

    How can we make the Limit Coins more useful?
  12. Forgot to mention: Cor Core and Unknown Part drop rate was improved a little based on new info from official.
  13. Changelogs Hello. Content Updates Rebalanced the Limit Group equipment The logic behind this is to not spoon feed new players which loses the taste of the game. The cost of the Limit Group equips are lowered. Advanced Limit Group gears are level 140+ now. Sprakki calls. Those who have completed full Limit Academy tutorial quest can talk to Sprakki to receive a new Beginner Support Box(100). This box included items useful for level 100. Battle Pass S3 BG Pass S3 and PvP Pass S3 has begun Will end at 2022.01.11 Grand reward costume theme is "Whale Sailor". (C) Whale Cap (C) White Sailor Collar Guild Dungeon Access revamped The Guild Dungeon investment to access has been removed. All players who wants to access, can talk to Cat NPC and enter by paying Zeny fee. Guild castle owners can enter for free. Battleground Updates All BG modes are now enabled. The rewards has been doubled. Hell Maze Updates Adjusted the Soul Trap mechanism. Disabled use of @commands, to prevent @refresh. Added more Costume hats to Hellish Merchants. Misc Updates VIP Member sale has ended, now costs the original price. The EXP Penalty now only takes 1% EXP for VIP members. Added Gym Pass to Gelstar Store. Gelstar in Vote Shop now costs 10 instead of 20. Added Character Name Color Embrace items to Vote Shop Bug Fixes Fixed Purified Knight Shield random option number. Fixed missing random options for Crimson Booster. Fixed Drops Balloon giving wrong stat bonus. Fixed an possible exploit in Gelnia F3 daily quest. Corrected EXP reward from abyss glastheim and magma dungeon F3 daily quest. Fixed missing daily quest auto reset in Charleston crisis instance. Event Updates Halloween Event ended All it's related items removed. All it's related quest logs removed. Royal Hunting has begun! From 2021.11.11 to 2021.11.30
  14. Lai

    Royal Hunting 2021

    Royal Hunting 2021 The 7 Royal families has gathered outside Prontera Castle. Recruiting adventurers to join the Hunting season. A fun event to collect a lot of family member Cards. 2021.11.11 to 2021.11.30 Main Event NPCs NPC Info Description Can warp you to the event ground. Main event, clear to unlock other. Reward: Roses of Choice (C) Focus Beret During event, ATK & MATK +10% Meat recovery 1000% 4 Daily event quests EXP 50000000 10 Roses of Choice 4 Daily event quests EXP 100000000 15 Roses of Choice Event Merchandise NPC Info Description Unlocked can purchase following equipment Regia Hunting Mail [1] = 15 Regia Hunting Manteau [1] = 15 Regia Hunting Boots [1] = 15 Equipment Store True Hunting Mail [1] = 30 True Hunting Manteau [1] = 30 True Hunting Boots [1] = 30 True Hunting Physical Ring [1] = 30 True Hunting Magical Ring [1] = 30 Event Buffs Exchange for special buffs using Lottery = 1 1 try Item = Probability Midgard Glory = 1 Mystical Card Album Old Card Album Rpyal Secret Box (C) Rose Winged Hairpin (C) Pierced Apple True Hunting 9 Refinement Package (F) Njord's Power Potion (F) Almighty (F) Life Potion I (F) Life Potion III True Hunting Physical Craft Kit True Hunting Magical Craft Kit Kronecker Card Skia Card Nihil Card Agnes Card Juergen Card Spica Card Wolf Card Poe Card Kathryn Card Isaac Card Meyes Card Helmut Card Exchange 100 of regular card into a special family member card. Available Cards: Kathryn Wigner Card Isaac Wigner Card Meyer Lugenburg Card Helmut Lugenburg Card Jurgen Wigner Card Agnes Lugenburg Card Spica Nerius Card Poe Richard Card Skia Nerius Card Wolf Lugenburg Card Nihil M. Heine Card Kronecker G. Heine Card Hunting Ground When unlocked, can warp into Hunting ground to farm Elite Hunter Token You can exchange 3 to 1 Rose talking to Haseo.
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