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  1. where do the event monsters spawn???
  2. oh yeah thats a good addition as well! good point
  3. With the new addition of COR in the recent update, I would like to suggest that COR be added to the @go command so you dont have to warp to Einbroch Field 3, walk to the warp, then walk or warp to the top to go to COR. If you agree, please support this suggestion! Thank you for your time and happy gaming to all!
  4. My suggestion is to add a prize or something after killing the World Boss. All this event does is give you a shoutout and no good item or even event coins for an "Event" Give life to this event please so that more people are interested in doing it. Other than that, it's just here for nothing.
  5. About us We, the Yakuza Guild, started back in 2009 (maybe even earlier, it has been so long since I last remember), and split up when the members of our Guild had to pursue greater things in life and attend to Real Life Matters. Since joining this server, from day 1, I, Kuya Trisan Dale, decided to honor the name of this old group in the name of having fun like the old days back when life wasn't so difficult and was free! I made this guild in order to not only bring back the OG members from way back when, but, also to meet new friends and share good times (have already met a plethora of new friends now!). The Yakuza is a PvM or PvE, Instance Running, Leveling/Leeching group, and friendly Guild, that will focus on Loyalty, building up friendships, and helping one another in need. We may not be the strongest or the best geared (as of now), but we do hope to learn more about RO, Renewal, and everything else! Majority of us, as of now, are English, Filipino, and Indonesian speaking, but ANYONE is welcome to join, no matter what race, culture, language, and experience in RO you may have! We have people from the United States, Germany, Indonesia, and Philippines, we also have people who are new to Ragnarok and new to Renewal, we have people who know the INs and OUTs of Ragnarok and Renewal! Therefore, you are definitely welcome to the Yakuza Guild Another thing I would like to add, the WHOLE YAKUZA GUILD and I will respect your busy schedules in REAL LIFE. If you can't participate in any Instance runs, YOU will NOT be pestered. Limit Ragnarok is just a game in the end but, REAL LIFE matters the most and so does YOUR LIFE and YOUR FAMILY! IF in the event that some Guild Members are not online, we humbly ask YOU to also UNDERSTAND EVERYONES' personal reason for not being on. General Information If you are interested in being a part of this growing Guild, you may contact me through this thread, in game (Kuya Tristan Dale), or on Discord (TristanDale14#5411), and you must join our own Discord Channel. We do prefer that you join with your main character and not with an Alt Character. Town: Amatsu (@go 10) Language: English, Filipino, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Portuguese (Mainly English, Filipino, and Indonesian) Leader: MVP Tristan Dale Co-Leaders: Binary (SPA), Windhawk Cecil (FIL), Velkaran (INDO), Koruya (RUS) Instance Runs: OGH, OGH Hard, HTF, Faceworm, Limitless (Mansion and Deep Mines), Infinite Space, ETC. Goals These are our goals, not in any particular order: 1. Create a family friendly environment 2. Help those who are in need 3. Share information on RO and Renewal 4. Enjoy Limit Ragnarok together 5. Gear up and level up 6. Have a full Guild of ACTIVE Members 7. Meet new/old experienced/inexperienced players 8. Create amazing teamwork and communication skills Guidelines -Rude/Offensive behavior from any guild member will be given a warning first then will be kicked if need be. -Be able to speak/understand English. -Be respectful to other guild members AND other players in EVERY aspect. -Must be on our Discord Server -Must not be a TOXIC player/person/personality -Must know how to follow simple instructions -Help others if possible, We will help you if possible -Treat EVERYONE the way YOU want to be treated -Refrain from using any form of profanity -FOLLOW the RULES AND REGULATIONS of Limit Ragnarok (even if you are on your main character or alt, ESPECIALLY IF WE DO NOT KNOW YOUR ALT CHARACTERS) If in the event that you decide to leave the Guild... -Kindly let me know, through in game or Discord -Please do not tarnish or speak anything negative to others about us, whether it may be true or false (not every guild is perfect nor has anyone perfect in it) -Enjoy Limit Ragnarok for what it has to offer to all of us! (updated as of July 14, 2021)
  6. oooo thank you for the info!
  7. When it says 24 in a castle, are you allowed another party of 24 in another castle?
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