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  1. Since most of range skills and mage class got nerfed already, sura is still OP with its asura and body relocation. Other class now can barerly give damage to sura Because the purpose is to prevent = "Currently, it's mostly "Who click on who first" will win." But then its not really applicable to Sura as they still can just snap snap and one hit asura.
  2. Ah the idea is not to one shot player right? Its quite similar like DK: Main damage for DK: Sonic wave heavily nerfed IB heavily nerfed Storm Blast heavily nerfed even wind cutter got nerfed So maybe people will play dragon breath now? If people said millenium shield is too OP, then you need to compare it to body relocation, i think its just too OP
  3. Crimson Rock WL Hell Inferno WL Diamond Dust Sorcerer Psychic Wave Sorcerer Spore Explosion Genetic Demonic Fire Genetic Arrow Storm Ranger Aimed Bolt Ranger Sharp Shooting Ranger
  4. Nice guide! Thanks
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