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  1. Hi, As of right now, there are no plans to change the reset system. We've already changed it several times already and found that this system works best for the server balance. If anything changes, the community will be informed.
  2. Hi, No, those are jRO items. As for the other questions, no. However, you can combine stats and equipment with cards to reach instant cast on Arrow Storm and other skills.
  3. I don't disagree with a penalty on this, but please include the full screenshot. Please keep the in-game chats respectable and direct the trash talk towards the flame-war channel in our discord. Thanks!
  4. Solaire

    LvL UP

    Until 150, you can go to Abyss 3 or Scaraba 2. Then, move to Illusion Turtle with a party until you hit 175. Finally, go to Magma 3 until you hit 200. When you become a 4th class, play endgame content.
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