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  1. Updated guide to match Changelogs - Glastheim Challenge Mode + Illusion of Twins - Fixed information on obtaining Adventurer Support Box (100). Talk to Sparki for the second time after finishing the first tutorial. - Added recommendations to levelling at Illusion of Twins and Luanda - Added brief hint on selling Limit Group Coins for Zeny. - Added recommendations to obtain Grace Equipment Set.
  2. Guide Updated to match 11/11/2021 Patch - Why so sexy?
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    [QoL] Limit HQ

    If I were to tackle this: Adjust reward Limit Coins reward so it is divisible by 5 or 10 as noted above. Allow the purchase of 500% manual via Limit Coin Shop (Account bound version) Allow the purchase of Beginner Shadow Box Allow the purchase of some mid/end-game gear (Account bound version) Allow the purchase of exclusive buff (probably similar version of Reno's buff or half version of VIP) More costumes.
  4. 1. Introduction Welcome to Limit Ragnarok Online! If you are reading this, chances are you are new and need help levelling up. You're in the right place. This guide provide general direction in which you can progress in this server, especially when you are a newbie. It may not be the best way. Note that this is an MMORPG, you're there is not limited to this guide. Be free to explore the world of Limit Ragnarok! This guide is brought to you by Seihou Group. Suggestions to make this guide better are welcome. 2. Levelling Tips/Notes There are a number of important information you need to know before you start levelling: Death Penalty: 10% (1% for VIP) EXP Penalty: With Renewal mechanics, there is a EXP penalty if you kill Monsters that is +16 levels above your current level. Levelling Cap: Turned on. This means even if you kill monster and obtain 200% EXP, you will only level up once. Party EXP Share Range: 50 Base Levels. 3. Tips and Tricks This section covers tips and tricks that may not be so obvious at first. If you need to find general information, visit the Limit Ragnarok Wiki. If the information you're trying to find is not there, ask on discord or shout out on #support. If you can afford it, get VIP Membership. It is not a must, but, VIP Membership will help you start the game easier. Notable perks include +20% EXP Increase, +10% Drop Rate Increase, and -5% Death Penalty. Be careful with your stats allocation. Resetting your stats/skills/traits is free up to level 200. However, each reset will add to your reset counter. With each increasing counter, you will be charged an extra 200,000 Zeny (Applies to character above level 200). This is accumulative for your account. Use EXP Boosting Gear/Items. For advanced players there are equipment that provide EXP bosting gear such as Happy Balloon, Poring Sunglasses etc. For new players, EXP Manuals are available for you. There are three ways to obtain EXP Manuals: i) Town Points. By staying in town, you can gain Town Points, which can be exchanged for Field Manual (Character bound) and Life Insurance ii) Attendant Check. When you log in, you will notice the login bonus that will show up automatically. You can get useful items that can help you. ii) Limit Group Shop. This is the improved version of official's Eden Group. When you complete the Limit Bulleting Board [ /navi paramk 112/86 ] (more details in the next section). You will receive Limit Group Coin which can be exchanged for Battle Manual 50% and Life Insurance or be sold to NPC for quick Zeny. Combine your Manuals to a higher level manuals. There are two ways this can be done: i) Resting Cat [ /navi paramk 27/170 ]. Mr Maow, located at Limit Service Center will exchange 2 of yours Field Manual or Battle Manual 50% for Core Battle Manual (Account Bound). You can also combine Core Battle Manual (15 minutes duration) for Real Battle Manual (60 minutes duration). I recommend sticking to Core Battle Manual just in case you need to go away for a bit. ii) Nyan Time (VIP only). Nyan Time allows you to covert Battle Manual 50% and Silvervine Cat Fruit into a Battle Manual 500%, the highest level manual you can obtain. Join the City Alliance. Talk to the City Alliance Manager [ /navi paramk 108/73 ] inside the Limit Group HQ. From now on, every time you kill a monster, you will receive Token of Union. You can talk to Reputation Manager in Prontera, Geffen, Morocc, Payon, Yuno, Lighthalzen, Einbroch, Rachel and Veins to submit your tokens into reputation points. Having higher reputation points allows you to purchase more items from Alliance Merchant (Refer to wiki). Recommended to get the UPG Shield to give you extra HP boost in the beginning. Start with Alliance Manager in Prontera [ /navi prontera 144/66 ]. Get the L-Phone. At level 100, you can buy an L-Phone. Access it quickly by using @phone. You can add this to your Shortcut List (Alt + M). It is an essential item as you can buy Increase Agility/Blessing buff over the phone. 4. Levelling Guide 4.1 Pre-Rebirth [Level 1 - 10] If you it is the first character in your account, you must finish the introduction tutorial. Make sure you read the dialogues, follow the tutorials, graduate from the Ciratura Academy, and join the Limit Group by talking to Secretary Lime. Upon graduation talk to Sparki again to receive Beginner Support Box(100). For the second character onwards, you may choose to skip the tutorial. You will still receive Beginner Support Box(100). Skipping the tutorial will instantly let you change you Level 10/1 as the First Class of your choice. Make sure you join the Limit Group by talking to Secretary Lime, then talk to Sparki again for some free EXP as well. As a member of the Limit Group you will receive a Limit Group Emblem. [Level 10 - 45] In your inventory, there should already be a First Aid kit (Level 5). Open it, and put healing items in your Skill Bar. Keep opening them every 5 levels to replenish your supplies. Go to Payon Dungeon 1 [ Zonda Warper -> Dungeons -> Payon Dungeon -> Payon Dungeon 1 ] Kill Zombie and level up. When you do invest all your stats points into DEX first. about 20 - 35 DEX (Or about 250 Hit) will allow you to hunt in the area more efficiently. Then, you can then invest your stats points into your main stats (INT/DEX). Keep levelling here until you reach level 45. Note: Don't forget to @autoloot 100 and keep all the loots. Go to the Limit HQ [ @go hq ] and talk to Limit Instructor Ur [ /navi paramk 95/49 ]. He will direct you to Blacksmith Thorn [ /navi paramk 142/101 ] who will then direct you to Manager Michael & Manager BK. Talk to Manager BK to get your Physical/Magical Limit Set. Note: If you are levelling alone as an acolyte class with becoming a Priest in mind, I personally recommend the physical set. It is more convenient to stay physical until you rebirth or can use Judex/Adoramus. Return to Limit Instructor Ur who will direct you to Limit Instructor Boya, directly next to him. She will direct you to Manager Emily (Below Manager BK). She will lend you a Rental Beginner Shadow Equipment (72 hours time limit). Return to Limit Instructor Boya and let her know you've got the equipment. Note: If your rental run out, you can rent them again with Limit Group Coin as payment. At level 140, you can rent advanced shadow equipment. [ Level 45 - 75 ] We're now ready to level up again. Go to Orc Dungeon 1 [ Zonda Warper -> Dungeons -> Orc Dungeon 1 ] Kill Orc Zombie and Orc Skeleton in your sight. With your new shiny gears, this should be a breeze no matter Class you are. This spot is a good levelling spot until level 75. Once you hit job level 40, you can change into the Second Class. The reason for this is, you will rebirth shortly. So there's no need to invest time into job levels that will disappear. After changing to the Second Class, go back to the Limit HQ [ @go hq ] and visit Manager Michael [ /navi paramk 142/101 ]. He will now allow you to have a 2nd Class Weapon. Drop by the Vending Cellar (@go 16) and sell your loots. Then, buy White Potions from the Tool Dealer. You can also buy other supplies from Material Dealer/Supply Dealer. Unfortunately the supplies provided by the First Aid Kit, is insufficient to sustain you in the long run. Note: Reminder again to keep your Limit set until you rebirth. You can now continue levelling until level 76. [ Level 76 - 99] Once you get to level 76, it's time to start thinking about the future. Go to Limit HQ and talk to the Limit Bulleting Board [ /navi paramk 112/86 ]. There are 2 boards available for level 70+. From the second board, pick up Moscovia A 80+ and Moscovia B 80+ (Bounty Monster: 20 Uzhas and Baba Yaga) Go to Moscovia Dungeon 3 [ Zonda Warper -> Dungeons -> Moscovia Dungeon 3 ] Complete the bounty quest for Uzhas and Baba Yaga for and return to the second Limit Bulleting Board to claim your reward. Note: If you see Mavka along the way, don't hesitate to kill it for easy Zeny boost. Once you reach level 90, Go to Magma Dungeon 2 [ Zonda Warper -> Dungeons -> Magma Dungeon 2 ] This is the best place to level due to high monster density. If you are struggling, you can keep going with Magma Dungeon 2, you can continue with Limit Bulleting Board quests. From the First board, pick up Rachel A 90+ and Rachel B 90+ (Bounty Monster: 30 Siroma and Roween) Go to Ice Dungeon 1 [ Zonda Warper-> Dungeons -> Ice Dungeon 1 ] Complete the bounty quest for Siroma Note: If you see Roween along the way, don't hesitate to kill it to help you complete the next bounty quest faster. Then, go to Rachel Field 12 [ Zonda Warper -> Fields -> Rachel Field 12 ] Complete the bounty quest for Roween Return to the first Limit Bulleting Board to claim your reward. If you are not level 99 at this point, I recommend taking another quest from the Limit Bulleting Board. My recommendations is Veins A 90+ (Bounty Monster: 30 Stapo @ Veins Field 7) Keep levelling at these location until you reach level 99. Sell your loots, and rebirth your character. Note: Reminder again to keep your Limit set until you rebirth. 4.2 Rebirth [Level 1 - 10] You are now brand new. First, I recommend putting all your stats into Dex. That way you don't have to invest more into it until later on. It is time to be rewarded for your Achievements. In order to claim the reward, navigate to your Achievement Challenges window (Shift + A) On the panel, choose General > Character. Search for the "Reborn in Valhalla!" achievement. Click on it to bring it up the achievement details on the right and select "Claim Reward". You will be rewarded with Adventurer Support Box(1) The Adventurer Support Box(1) contain various consumables to help you level up and some potions as well. Note: You may use the potions and fly wings, but I recommend keeping the consumables for later (see reason below). There are 7 Adventurer Support Boxes in total that you get at level 1, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90. The reward will be delivered to you via RODex Mail (Shift + M). Now you're good to go. Re-equip your Limit set and go to Prontera Field 8 [ Zonda Warper -> Fields -> Prontera Field 8 ] or simply go South of Prontera. Kill all the monsters until you reach Level 10/10. Return to the change class. [Level 10 - 45] Same as pre-rebirth. Go to Payon Dungeon 1 and level up until you reach level 45. [Level 45 - 75] Same as pre-rebirth. Go to Orc Dungeon 1 and level up until you reach level 75. [Level 76 - 90] Go to Moscovia Dungeon 3 [ Zonda Warper -> Dungeons -> Moscovia Dungeon 3 ] Level at Moscovia Dungeon 3 until Level 90. Take this chance to get extra Zeny from killing Mavka. [Level 90 - 99] Go to Magma Dungeon 2 [ Zonda Warper -> Dungeons -> Magma Dungeon 2 ] Level at Magma Dungeon 2 until you can turn into third job. Again, if you are struggling, tale quest from the Limit Bulleting Board. 4.3 Third Class [Level 99 - 130] From this point onwards, there are multiple ways you can proceed and the following is just a recommendation. There are a number of important side task which you should complete as you level up. Completing this task will make you stronger. Recommended Levelling Location: Magma Dungeon 2. This spot is still by far the fastest location to level (From Level 100+ A Bulleting Board Quest for Nogg Road A 100+ and Nogg Road B 100+ are available). Juperos Dungeon 1. (Bulleting Board Quest Juperos A, B, C, D 110+ are available). Rachel Field 5. (Bulleting Board Quest for Arunafelz A 100+ are available). Illusion of Moonlight Note: Ensure to take the Illusion Investigation Daily Quests when levelling in the Illusion Dungeons. [Task 1 - Level 100] - Getting 3rd Class Equipment Once you reach level 99/70, quickly change into the Third Class, and continue until you reach Level 100. Open your Beginner Support Box(100) Note: There are 3 Beginner Support Boxes in total which you can claim at level 100, 110, and 120. Inside you will find Beginner Weapon Exchange Voucher, Beginner Armor Box, Beginner Support Box(110), and some consumables. Beginner Weapon Exchange Voucher can be exchanged with a 3rd class weapon for level 100 by talking to Beginner Weapon Manager [ /navi prontera 164/75 ] Open the Beginner Armor Box to get the Beginner set for level 100. This set is good until level 140. [Task 2 - Level 100] - Obtaining Migration Pack Once you reach level 100, you are obtained another achievement, "The start of another adventure!". Claim the reward (same method as above) to obtain Migration Pack. The Migration Pack contain various rental items (7 Days) that will help you level up. They do not disappear, and can be repeatedly used until the rental expired. As this box exist, you did not need other consumables from the Adventurer Support Box(1). Keep them until the Migration Pack expire. Note: do not open this box until you are ready to level again, and ensure that you have enough inventory space and weight. [Task 3 - Level 110] - Refining your 3rd Class Weapon At level 110, open your Beginner Support Box(110) and make use of the Beginner Safe to 7 Weapon Certificate. Return to Beginner Weapon Manager [ /navi prontera 164/75 ] to refine your weapon. [Task 4 - Level 120] - Permanent Shadow Equipment At level 120, open your Beginner Support Box(120). This is support box contain Beginner Shadow Box which contain a permanent version Beginner's Shadow Equipment. Refine your Beginner Shadow Equipment to +4. You will need 20 xElunium and 4 x Oridecon Refining this shadow equipment is good for extra damage boost. [Level 130 - 150] Recommended Levelling Location: Dragon's Nest Level 2 and 3 (@go lasagna > /navi lasa_fild02 345/243) Illusion of Frozen Illusion of Vampire Note: Ensure to take the Illusion Investigation Daily Quests when levelling in the Illusion Dungeons. [Task 5 - Level 140] - Advance Limit Set Once you reach level 140, go to Limit HQ [ @go hq ] and visit Manager Michael and Manager Thorn [ /navi paramk 142/101 ] They will give you quest to obtain the Advanced Limit Set. The items you will need to get are: 15 x Elastic Band (Wootan Shooter @ um_fild03 - Umbala Field 3) 15 x Old Pick (Pitman @ ein_dun01 - Einbroch Dungeon 1) 3 x Blue Hair (Kobold @ ra_fild05 - Rachel Field 5) Once you have the item requirements, return to the Managers. Talk to Manager Thorn first to claim your Advanced Limit Set. Then, Talk to Manager Michael. He will allow you to purchase a Third Class Limit Weapon for 10 x Limit Group Coin which you saved this earlier. [Level 151 - 175] At this point you should start considering about the future and start hunting for your equipment that can replace your Advance Limit Set and also to start hunting for cards. I recommend looking at guides that are available online. It is also a good idea to start Episode 16.1 - 17.1 Main Quest: The Royal Banquet, Terra Gloria, and Illusion You should definitely start on The Royal Banquet and start doing the daily quest to obtain Honor Token. This will let you obtain the Nobless Equipment Set from Noblesse Operator. It is a good replacement for the Advanced Limit Set as you can refine it to +9 and slot it with cards. If you're a little bit more advanced, you can skip the Nobless Equipment Set and go for the Grace Equipment Set as part of 17.1 equipment. The Grace Equipment Set is an advanced counter part of the Nobless Equipment Set. It cost 20x Mysterious Component per piece of equipment (80 in total). The garment and armor can be enchanted for 10x Mysterious Component. Further, it you can refine it straight to +9 with 20x Cor Core (60 for the whole set). Recommended Levelling Location: Illusion of Abyss Note: While soloing is possible, a party is recommended to level here. Illusion of Twins (From 160 onwards) Note: EXP obtained is about the same. I believe this is a better place as The monsters have more HP, but less defense. There are also more monsters here. Illusion of Luanda Note: You can do the daily quest for turning in 3x Megalithic Token and 3x Wootan's Token for easy EXP. [Level 175- 200] This is the hardest part of levelling. Take your time to level and avoid dying. Recommended Levelling Location: Magma Dungeon 3 (Best place to level up to 200) [ Zonda Warper -> Dungeons -> Magma Dungeon 2 -> /navi mag_dun02 245/68 ] Note: A party is strongly recommended to level here. Note 2: Take the daily quest for extra EXP. Talk to Lily Blanc [ /navi yuno_fild02 28/146 ] ( Just outside Magma Dungeon 1 Entrance) Illusion Investigation Daily Quests. You can slowly level up to 200 daily while doing this quest while hunting for your equipment. Note: if you have spare Zeny, you can reset the Illusion Investigation Daily Quests. I recommend resetting the Illusion of Abyss or Illusion of Labyrinth using Zeny or Gelstar. You can easily finish Illusion of Labyrinth by killing the Giant Whisper spawned by the Chaos Ghostring. 4.4 Fourth Class [Level 200 - 250] We're in the endgame now. This is where you use the tips and tricks to level. This means acquiring Field Manual or Battle Manual 50% and Life Insurance by accumulating Town Points for repeating quest from Limit Bulleting Boards for Limit Group Coin. Your main levelling method is Illusion Investigation Daily Quests. Your main goal at this point is to start finding party to build your endgame equipment. You can also start exploring the Endgame contents at The Limitless Island: i) Gelnia F1 is a good place to hunt Gelstar that you can use to reset Illusion Investigation Daily Quests or start opening Egg Scrolls for Refine Tickets and other goodies. ii) The Deep Mine is a good place to level up from 200 - 220 if you can get a party. It is also a good place to farm Zeny, but, it requires extensive preparations. Stick to levelling here. ii) Earl Mansion is a good place to level up from 200 - 220 if you can get a party. 5. Conclusion This is the end of the guide. Remember that Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG and you are free to play as you see fit. This document only serve as a guideline and may not be the best. Follow the server's rule and while continuing to have fun playing! If you spot any mistakes or would like to contribute to this guide, feel free to contact me on discord: tsan#0079 or comment below. Thank you for reading.
  5. With the recent changes to the Limit Group Shop, improvement on Limit HQ is probably already on your to do list. I just want to give you my two cent on it. These are suggestion focused on improving the QoL Limit HQ, making it even more newbie friendly. Limit Group Set (Obtained from Secretary Lime @ Criatura Academy) Issues: Name can be mistaken for the limit set (obtained form Ur) which can be confusing when the two sets are in your inventory and due to similar nature to Limit Set, it is redundant. Suggestion: Rename the set to 'Beginner' Limit set (Level 45 set should be renamed, 'Intermediate' Limit Set, followed by the 'Advanced' Limit Set) Limit Set (Obtained from Manager Bk) Issue: The 'Beginner' Limit set (above) and the 'Intermediate' Limit set currently overshadow each other. It has a base requirement of 10 (Even the Beginner Limit set have level requirement of 12). Basically the beginner set it is useless once you rebirth. If we want to keep 'Beginner' set, this needs to change. As mentioned above, having 2 set with similar nature is redundant. Suggestion: If Beginner set is to be kept, change level requirement to 50 (the level where you'd expect to be 2nd job is around 52 for job 40; 64 for job 50), may also need change the level it is received at HQ. If not, make this set the 'beginner' set. First Aid Box Issues: While the whole concept is very nice on paper, the items it give is not practical. E.g. Novice Blue Potion recovers 5 SP. It's not usable unless you're a Novice. Additionally, nobody needs that many sweet potato, not all class need berserk potions. Suggestion: The First Aid Box need to be reconsidered with Base_Job in mind. Perhaps integrating the recently removed Adventurer's Support Boxes? Beginner's Shadow Box Issues: Despite getting it from achievement "Reborn in Valhalla!" (i.e. Transcend) you need level 120 to open the box. Suggestion: This reward should be moved to "Job change" - related achievements. That way you solve the Extended Job, not getting the Beginner Shadow Box as well. Vending Machine for Novices Issues: Redundant as we don't use any of the items offered. Suggestion: Allow recycling of Limit Set equipment we're no longer using for coins. Limit Coin Rewards form the bulletin board Issues: The number of coins you get is a little bit awkward, based on the coin requirement for the equipment purchases. Suggestion: Round up the coin rewards from bulletin board quest. Limit Bulleting [70+] 28 -> 30 Limit Bulleting [100+] 40 = 40 Limit Bulleting [120+] 48 -> 50 Limit Bulleting [130+] 52 -> 60
  6. Guild notice gets quite annoying on general chat, and can make you lose track of your progression, especially when you teleport a lot. For PVE QoL purposes, I suggest changing "When to re-display the guild notice" under guild.conf from 2 (Upon teleporting) to 0 (Do not re-display) - Only displayed upon log-in. Pros: - You don't have to open too many chat tabs in game. - You can still see other information that is connected to Public Log. Cons: - More work for you to navigate to guild.conf Edit: Unrelated, but this is also happening with Religo and Benedictum battle message. <- might be a mini bug
  7. This may not be your cup of tea, but, how do you feel about removing teleport level 1 window, allowing it to behave like fly wings. I think - Teleport have slight CD so it will not replace infinite fly wings. Pros: - Price hike of teleport shadow armours. - Convenience for PvE - Everyone saves Zeny Cons: - Fly wing sale will drop (less zeny sink, probably minute amount) - No one will buy Compressed Flywing (Doubt they actually being bought anyway, we're too cheap)
  8. Correct. In addition, is there any plan to update the warper in general to include new fields and dungeons? E.g. Cor, Rock Ridge Culverts, bifrost towers, etc.
  9. I personally disagree with the first suggestion if you want to include the whole spell name. This is a global message, meaning you'll be exposing which spell is being prepared. I think some AM would like to keep that information confidential.
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