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    Error Game Crashed

    hi! try patching the game (click limitpatcher.exe) rather than clicking limitragnarok.exe... did it work? 😋
  2. Keira

    is farm afk good?

    Hi! macro use is allowed but DO NOT go afk. There are several macro apps online that you can download, or you can just use the ones that come with modern/gaming keyboards and mice. Hope that helps! ❤️ For AFK farming, it is a definite NO NO, when you see someone who seems to be afk-farming, pm him directly and countdown to 30seconds. Take a screenshot and report it in the forums or simply chat the GMs in discord. Make sure you have sufficient evidence! Our team then will be investigating it. Happy gaming! ❤️
  3. COSTUME HOLIDAY EVENT💖 EVENT PERIOD 12/18/21 to 12/28/21 Hey guys! We are going to have a special event here in Limit Ragnarok! So stay a while and listen 😛 As we are nearing the holidays, we have gathered to bring you a special mini event 😊 Players of Limit Ragnarok are invited to join and participate our ingame costume contest! So gather your cutest , coolest and nicest outfits! 😚 RULES: 1. Take a screenshot of your character ingame with your best outfit and just be as creative as possible 💌Together with you IGN, post your entries in our discord server in the channel GALLERY with the hashtag #LimitHolidays Be creative, you can add your friends in your pic and whatnot, there is no limit in being creative 🤭 Note: Remember to upload your screenshot with the Limit Logo in the lower right side (Just press printscreen on your keyboard while ingame and it will automatically be saved in you Limit Ragnarok Folder under ScreenShot Folder) 2. Provide a caption of 2-3 sentences to show your appreciation to your friends, family, and fellow gamers during the holiday seasons! Example : "I would like to give thanks to my newly found friends in Limit Ragnarok! They helped me through my tough times during this year's pandemic and made me smile! I wish all of them a happy holiday!" The cheesier, the better 🤤 Your entries will be judged by the GMs and winners will be rewarded! ❤️❤️ 1st prize : 500 Event Coins 2nd prize : 400 Event Coins 3rd prize : 300 Event Coins Non-winning participants : 50 Event coins each 😊 Last submission of entries will be on Dec 28, 2021! Judging will be on or before January 1, 2022 Winners will be announced in FUNTIME and prizes will be mailed by RODEX by our GMs ❤️ STRICTLY ONE ENTRY PER ACCOUNT ONLY! Also, I will be posting the same example in the said channel, so you can just follow what I did XD Happy Holidays to all our friends, family, pets, enemies, crushes, lovers, friendzoned pips, stalkers, leaders, idols, teachers and a whole lot more who play Limit Ragnarok! We, the GMs and Devs of Limit are very thankful for a wonderful time you have given us! We truly appreciate all those who are with and are still with us through the first few months and are still supporting us! Happy Holidays Everyone ❤️❤️ If you have questions about the event, please pm me in discord: keira11#8300 BERI BERI GUD~ BERI BERI NAYS~ Example Screenshot: Example Discord Entry:
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