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Found 1 result

  1. Lai

    Royal Hunting 2021

    Royal Hunting 2021 The 7 Royal families has gathered outside Prontera Castle. Recruiting adventurers to join the Hunting season. A fun event to collect a lot of family member Cards. 2021.11.11 to 2021.11.30 Main Event NPCs NPC Info Description Can warp you to the event ground. Main event, clear to unlock other. Reward: Roses of Choice (C) Focus Beret During event, ATK & MATK +10% Meat recovery 1000% 4 Daily event quests EXP 50000000 10 Roses of Choice 4 Daily event quests EXP 100000000 15 Roses of Choice Event Merchandise NPC Info Description Unlocked can purchase following equipment Regia Hunting Mail [1] = 15 Regia Hunting Manteau [1] = 15 Regia Hunting Boots [1] = 15 Equipment Store True Hunting Mail [1] = 30 True Hunting Manteau [1] = 30 True Hunting Boots [1] = 30 True Hunting Physical Ring [1] = 30 True Hunting Magical Ring [1] = 30 Event Buffs Exchange for special buffs using Lottery = 1 1 try Item = Probability Midgard Glory = 1 Mystical Card Album Old Card Album Rpyal Secret Box (C) Rose Winged Hairpin (C) Pierced Apple True Hunting 9 Refinement Package (F) Njord's Power Potion (F) Almighty (F) Life Potion I (F) Life Potion III True Hunting Physical Craft Kit True Hunting Magical Craft Kit Kronecker Card Skia Card Nihil Card Agnes Card Juergen Card Spica Card Wolf Card Poe Card Kathryn Card Isaac Card Meyes Card Helmut Card Exchange 100 of regular card into a special family member card. Available Cards: Kathryn Wigner Card Isaac Wigner Card Meyer Lugenburg Card Helmut Lugenburg Card Jurgen Wigner Card Agnes Lugenburg Card Spica Nerius Card Poe Richard Card Skia Nerius Card Wolf Lugenburg Card Nihil M. Heine Card Kronecker G. Heine Card Hunting Ground When unlocked, can warp into Hunting ground to farm Elite Hunter Token You can exchange 3 to 1 Rose talking to Haseo.
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