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Found 1 result

  1. Lai

    Nifhleim Festival

    Nifhleim Festival The spooky event is here! That's right, the Halloween of year 2021. Wish all a Happy Halloween! Collect them candies! 2021.10.23 to 2021.11.11 Event NPCs NPC Info Description Start point, get invitation to Halloween in Niflheim. Unlocks other event quests. Help Find Jakk, a long event quest. Rewards Cookie Bat Halloween Coin Scatleton's Cage Red Bell Necklace Halloween Coin Halloween Coin Soul Thread Halloween Coin (C) Silk of Soul Event Daily NPC Info Description Many Daily Main reward Halloween Coin You can use 500,000 zeny or 1 Gelstar to reset daily. Event Costume Hat (C) Silk of Soul Bonus during event period Increases physical and magical damage against Demon, Angel, Undead, and Formless monsters by 15%. Increases Cookie Bats recovery effect by 300%. Event Merchant NPC Info Reward List Shop Dark Mane = 15 Scatleton Memory = 10 (C) Witch Hat = 20 (C) Pumpkin Chef Hat = 20 (C) Jakk Mascot = 50 (C) Zombie Mask = 80 (C) One Eyed Jack = 100 (C) Disguise Mantle = 500 C Dullahan Mask = 999 Lottery = 5x each try Lai's Secret Key C Dullahan Mask (C) Scatlion Mascot (C) One Eyed Jack 5x Trans Candy Red 5x Trans Candy Blue 5x Trans Candy Yellow 5x Trans Candy Green 2x Pumpkin Pie 2x Pumpkin Cake 2x Pumpkin Candy 5x Cookie Bat Soul Thread Event Monsters
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