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  1. Changelogs Wish all a great summer time here in Limit Ragnarok. Delivering you some QoLs and new content progression. 1 step closer to release of all 4th job skills to public maps ^^ Content Updates Orc's Memory Revamped Dive into the Orc's Memory instance once again. Now with a new plot and brand new Ring of The Fallen for you to obtain. Still a beginner instance for level 60+ More info on wiki. Hugel Monster Racing Caps Hugel Monster race rewards now update to give you Mysterious Medal. Added Mysterious Medal Crane NPC You can now purchase Racing Caps from Wayne in Hugel. More info on wiki. Misc Updates Battleground Updates Added new mode Krieger von Midgard into the BG Queue. Reduced the Deserter penalty. Updated joining notice, if someone joins queue, it will be displayed in BG channel. Cash Shop Added 2 new costume garments. Fixed Erupt Ground effect stone. Economy Rebalance Updated all Food items NPC sell price to 0 (same as kRO). Improved ETC item NPC sell price for Limitless dungeons. Event Shop Added 3 new Costume boxes to event shop. The costumes are most classic such as Valkyrie helms. Resting Cat Added a new NPC in Service Center. Exchange manuals and consume items. Such as 2 EXP manuals into 1 bigger one. Suggestion Updates Removed guild Alliance, making it max 24vs24 at each confrontation. Added Buffer option to healer. Bug Fixes Fixed Smokie Hat not triggering auto bonus. Fixed some missing Magma Dun F3/Abyss Glastheim random options, wiki has more info. Fixed minor issue in Speed Run Record for Geffen Magic Tournament. Fixed Morocc for not being a Town map. Fixed minor issue in Friday Dungeon treasure chest. Fixed an issue in Mining stones/crystals for no respawning. Fixed Vendors did not receive Town Points when in town.
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