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Found 2 results

  1. Changelogs Herro! Good to see you, all good? Me good, hope you too! Bery guud! Supposed to be a big update end of the month, but I felt it will be too much, so I decided to split it into 2 parts. This part will bring us as seen on the title, 3 new dungeons with equipment and weapons! Also a brand new client + expanded 4th jobs base support. Content Updates Einbech Mine F3 A new level 180+ dungeon under Einbech Mine. Unique monsters that drops minerals. New weapons and accessories! Past Odin Temple A 180+ dungeon for you to experience the past feeling of Odin Temple. See the angel monsters in their ancient form. Brand new equipment and enchants. Abyss Lake F4 A 190+ dungeon to discover the hidden treasure under Abyss Lake. New set of equipment and random options! Imperial and Grace sets! A newbie friendly update for Limitronians to obtain new set of gears. See wiki Episode 16.2 and Episode 17.1 for the NPC location! Refine tickets for those sets included in the shop! Job Changer Speak to Job Changer as max leveled expanded job to turn into the new jobs. If you are a Summoner, speak to Sage Tiger for the job change! Misc Updates Black Friday donation Credits 20% bonus! On 26th November whole day, each donation you make to support server, gives 20% extra credits! Server time 00:00 to 23:59 on 26th November! Added Einbech Mine F3 Mineral exchange NPC in Limit Market. You can turn 3 into 1 different. Improved Somatology Laboratory instance enchant rate of high level enchant stones. New sample Client Features Get the new client. You may patch up the game to receive all files automatically. You may also download Full Installer v3 - which is pre-patched. More Preview feature Allowing you to preview costume garment from cash shop. Allowing you to preview hats from NPC shop. Game Setting "Rodex block stranger." Mark this to block RODEX from not friend/not guild mates. Unequip all - click to unequip all equipped items (excluding shadow gears). Improved Zoom in / out Note: this is unofficial, so some sprites if you zoom too much in or out, may not be good looking 😛 10 New Hairstyles from Stylist in Service center.
  2. Hello. Dear Ragnarok adventurers, this is the RO1 Studio Gravity Saints team. Today, with Kagerou & Oboro, and Shinkiro & Shiranui, the next professional soldiers of Super Novice. We would like to briefly introduce Hyper Novice. Shinkiro & Shiranui Shinkiro and Shiranui deal with the Shadow Mirage, allowing certain skills to be used with the Mirage. It is a group of occupations dealing with various melee swordsmanship skills, long-distance swordsmanship skills, and ninjutsu. Mirage clones are cast according to some of the skills the body uses. If the main body casts "Shadow Dance" that deals damage around itself, Mirage clones also cast “Shadow Dance” that deals damage around them. <You can summon a mirage clone and play to attack the target together.> <Mirage clones are cast according to some of the skills used by the body.> <Mirage clones can only be used with shadow-inspired ammunition.> <Fengma Shuriken skill that continuously inflicts damage to the area> Hyper Novice Hyper Novice made with his own skills by honing and developing various skills through self-education. Among them, Hyper Novice, who self-taught combat science, measured physical skills such as Bowling Bash, Sonic Blow, and Spiral Pierce. There is no restriction on the type of weapon, the more powerful “Double Bowling Bash”, “Mega Sonic Blow”, You can use the “Spiral Pierce Max” skill, etc. <Self-taught combat science to use Hyper Novice's unique melee/ranged physics skills> Self-taught sorcerer dealing with magic, Hyper Novice is a member of Meteor Storm, Frost Nova, and Gravitation Field. "Meteor Storm Buster", "Jack Frost Nova", You can use the “Ground Gravitation” skill, etc. <You can use the magic skills of Hyper Novis by self-studying magic> Some changes 1) Fighting About the fighting skill that had the effect of increasing damage according to the number of existing party members It is now changed so that 85% of the effect is applied at level 5 regardless of the presence or absence of party members. <It is a little less than when it is a pool party, but it is changed so that it is always applied regardless of the party> 2) Lunatic Carrot Nanta From base level 100 or higher, the damage is changed to increase additionally according to the caster's base level and STR. 3) Catnip Meteor Fixed casting and variable casting are halved. From base level 100 or higher, the damage is changed to increase additionally according to the caster's base level and INT. <Casting of Catnip Meteor is reduced by 50%> The above contents include contents that have not been developed yet, so the contents may be changed when updated later. For more details, please refer to the announcement on the official website for future updates. So, I hope you have a good rag life today, and I'll see you in the next developer note. thank you. Source: https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=4123795&curpage=1
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