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Found 1 result

  1. Lai

    Popcorn Festa

    Popcorn Festa Damn it's getting hotter and hotter, June is one of the hottest month in Comodo. A perfect time to use the heat to pop some corns! 10th June to 28th June Extra Forum Activity Use real Popcorn and form the word L i m i t on a table then take a photo. Upload the photo with follow info. Character Name: Discord/FB Name: Photo: Extra reward: 50x Event Coin and 1x Gelstar Main Event NPC Name Description Register at Carlyn in Comodo to join Popcorn Festa. Complete the registration to unlock other events. Reward 10x Golden Corn Reward (C) Lively Popcorn Box CE Hat gives +20% EXP Reward Lime Soda in Mouth Lottery costs 20x Eagle Eagle Bead Chance to get A healthy herb Pop Corn Aromatic Pop Corn Condensed White Potion Old Blue Box Old Purple Box Old Card Album (C) Popcorn Maker (C) Popcorn Wig (C) 3D Glasses Lai's Secret Key Enchant Lime Soda in Mouth with random Summer Heat(Lv1) Summer Heat(Lv2) Summer Heat(Lv3) Summer Cool(Lv1) Summer Cool(Lv2) Summer Cool(Lv3) Talk to Pahika to enter Korodo Volcano Island instance. A daily event instance to farm event loots. Loots Eagle Eagle Bead Loots Golden Corn Help Dr. Corn by hunting fire event monsters. Daily Hunt 3 Pop Explosions and Pop Imps. Reward 10x Golden Corn Gather some Magic Herbs and help Yerba. Gather Magic Herbs that grows in the fields/dungeons. Reward 10x A healthy herb Spend A healthy herb on Party's bonfires to get buffs. Every 90 minutes Physical Buff Magical Buff Flexibility Buff Costs 5x A healthy herb Buy popcorn from Gantrin for 2000 zeny. Popcorn Master can make Golden Corn into Popcorns. Also can make Popcorn into Aromatic Popcorns. Event Monsters They can be found in fields and dungeons!