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  1. Changelogs Herro! How are you? I'm Bery Guud! Content Updates Fall of Glastheim a new instance. Level 130+ is required Normal and Hard mode. New set of equipment New enchants More details: https://www.limitragnarok.com/wiki/Fall_of_Glast_Heim Monster Invasion event has ended. Server Basic Rates improvement Quest EXP from 10x to 100x MvP EXP from 10x to 100x Misc Updates Updated Old Card Album, Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box. Added new items. Shadow Gear minor improvement update In kRO leak files the shadow gear have all theses extra stats (the stats are often skipped in the description) added ATK and MATK for shadow gear weapon depends on refine level. added HP for shadow gear type armor depends on refine level. Limit Market pricing update season 2 Gold sell price adjusted to 750k with 1000 in stock everyday. Stat food full course pricing updated Added Heimhunter NPC that sells several instance materials, example Contaminated Magic for 8m with 1k stock. Maneater Blossom price updated. Refine Ticket hammer pricing increased by 500k each. Skill Fixes Fixed Soul reaper spirit removal virtual effect. Fixed Inspiration cool down to match kRO of 30s + (30s * skillLv). Fixed skill Soul Attack. Removed HP requirement from Magnum Break. Resolves Shadow Trampling not applying it's affect on targets around the caster. Fixed the Ray of Genesis cooldown to 2 seconds. Frost Nova will no longer damage targets who are standing on Land Protector. Resolves Basilica from failing to work with other unit skills in the area. Marionette Control will no longer cast onto targets that are either Cursed or in Quagmire. Fixes Pressure not doing 3 hits per cast. (actual 3 hits) Deadly Projection now blocks magic immunity before dealing damage. WH_SOLIDTRAP, WH_SWIFTTRAP, EM_DIAMOND_STORM, EM_LIGHTNING_LAND, EM_TERRA_DRIVE duration to 10 seconds. EM_INCREASING_ACTIVITY CD to 5 seconds. Adjusts the behavior of Comet to a unit skill type. Comet will now behave properly around Maya Card and other unit skill type interactions. Updates the behavior of Stasis to block Songs, Ensembles, Choruses, and magic type skills. Fixed a bug Gloomy Shyness not debuffing DKs. Fixed Clearance now only affects Self and Party members. New Pharmacy receipt Bug Fixes Fixes an issue with autobonuses not being triggered properly. Fixed Ep 17.1 enchant NPC, the accessory enchants were wrong. The ones who had wrong enchants are being replaced with correct one. Fixed hunting Achievement not sending out rewards. Fixed issue that could allow Osiris card to fully restore AP at respawn. Fixes Elemental Converter getting removed when swapping weapons/shields. Fixed a minor questlog delete when complete Illusion underwater.
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