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Library Guide Making


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Library Guide Making

The server has been running 2 months now, and more and more veterans are born.

Now, it's a good time to share some wisdom for new players.

Please, contribute to craft your own personal JOB GUIDE, based on your experience.


What to cover?

  • Guide Title
    • Inquisitor PvP or PvM
  • Job basic description
  • Job stats recommendation
  • Job Skill tree recommendation
  • Farming spot
  • Equipment recommendation
  • Cons and Pros
  • Extra Tips

Who can write?

  • You have to have at least 1 week of game play @played ingame and know your job well.
  • The guide you write is 100% self experience and based on Limit Ragnarok.

Where to write?

What guides are needed?

  • Any job guide that does not exist yet.


  • 1 person is welcomed to write 1 guide receive reward directly when done
  • PM me in Discord of Facebook when you done.



Thank you for helping out.

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