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Changelogs #5


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Hey! Today our server is going 1 step further according to our progression plan.

Also the remaining 4th job skills are now usable inside Coliseum, wohoo, let's try them out!

Every maintenance, I feel thankful for everyone who is part of our server, thanks for being here.

Together, we make it happen!

Content Updates

  • Weekend Dungeon
  • Instance Destroy feature is back
  • Geffen Magic Tournament Order Forms
    • You can now apply random options on GMT instance items
    • The forms can be bought from NPC inside the instance.
  • Cash Shop
    • Added 5 new costume garments.
  • VIP House
    • Added Cash Shop Costume Garment and Regular Effect Stone exchanger NPC.
  • New PvP Death Match
    • Every 3 hours at minute 35.
    • Enter the arena, and survive for 5 minutes.
    • All survivors will receive PvP Points to climb up the ladder.
  • All 4th job skills are now usable inside Coliseum.

Misc Updates

  • Improved 1st Time Novice tutorial quest.
    • 100% newbie friendly.
    • Now gives global announcement when completing it.
  • Improved Skip Tutorial feature.
    • Now will give you 1st job instant when skipping.
  • Added @go hq to warp into Limit Group
  • NotForSale potions can now be sold to NPC.
  • Removed Boss class from summoned Dummy Trainer's dummy eggs.
  • Rebalanced Fishing feature
    • Added more fishing spots.
    • Made it easier to fish.
    • Improved weekly Ranking rewards.
  • Silvervine Fruit is now tradable.
  • Removed TAX for Zeny Coin exchange inside Limit Service Group.
  • Rebalanced Deep Mines.
  • Added Sunflower Boy, Sealed Magic, Evil, Maximum Sword and Poison Forged Spear to Malangdo Enchanter.
  • Earl Dungeon MvP announcement is now Map based. (suggested by player).
  • Homunculus Share EXP is now 50%
  • Achievement Store now sells Beginner's Shadow Box.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Shield Spell skill not being usable.
  • Fixed Diamond Dust formula issue.
  • Fixed Supplement Part DEX combo bug.
  • Fixed taming of Chung E being wrong pet ID.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Limit Shadow rental Soup Reaper/Star Emperor weapon mixed.
  • Fixed a bug in Limit Bulletin 100+ Daily quests for not being dailies.
  • Fixed a minor bug in City Alliance skipping first reputation at 2999.
  • Fixed Illusion of Frozen summon MvP, if failed 1st time will stuck the Seals.
  • Fixed Limit Group shadow gear rental to 1 time, instead of unlimited time.
  • Fixed Illusion Fancy Flower not able to refine.
  • Fixed issue with @go 15, can now be used.

Event Updates


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