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Changelogs - Friday Dungeon & ALOT OF EGGS!


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Every changelogs, I don't know what to write here...

But as always, big thanks for everyone being part of Limit Ragnarok.

We have now been stable 3 months and have formed our very new loyal base and economy.

Big win and win for all. ❤️ Together, we make it happen.

Content Updates

  • Friday Dungeon
    • An unique instance that you can access on Fridays only.
    • Fight the Lich King and obtain 28483.pngRoyal Guardian Ring
    • Try out the brand new enchant tables for a lot of accessories.
  • Battle Pass
  • Massive Egg scrolls distribution
    • Added Egg Scrolls to Gelstar Store / Cash Shop
    • Added Egg Scrolls to Vote/Achievement Shop
    • Added Egg Scrolls to BG/PvP features and WoE treasure.
  • Town Point System
    • Every 10 minutes, players who are in a Town maps (prontera, payon, mora, morocc etc)
    • Receives x Town Points.
    • The more players online at the same time, the more bonus Town Points.
    • You can spend your Town Points at Governor Shop.
    • More details on wiki.

Misc Updates

  • Contaminated Dark Lord now drops 2049.pngBlue Flame Cane.
  • Reduced cost of Vellum weapons in BG Shop from 6k to 1k.
  • Allowed BG equips to be put into storage.
  • Added more items to Buying store following suggestion.
  • PvP Death Match is 1 hour every game and level 200+ during Season 1.
  • All BG are now level 200+ during Season 1.
  • Added Dustfire, Finisher, Dark Rose, Avenger and Burning Fire to Malangdo Enchanter.
  • Added Calf weapon series to be dropped by Elite Bandits in Rockridge dungeon.
  • Added BG Queue protection, if you do not "ACCEPT when ready", you will get a big Cool down penalty.
  • Lowered requirements to start Pintatos Festival in Malaya.

PvP / BG Skill Rebalance 1

  • After community suggestion, we have decided to agree with everyone in the server to create our own PvP/BG Balance and make the game more interesting.
  • Our goal is to 
    • Prevent 1 shot kill when equal geared/level players.
    • All jobs matters.
  • The first balance we have reduces Skill damage of following jobs inside Event PvP and BG Maps.
    • Spoiler
      -RK, GX, WL, Sura and Wanderer.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bascojin Hat auto bonus ending too soon.
  • Fixed a Storage auto close bug for extra storages.
  • Fixed minor bug with Violet Halo combo script.
  • Minor bug fix in BG Rush, where the timer did not functional.


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