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Limit Ragnarok Streamer's Reward Program


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Limit Ragnarok Streamer's Reward Program

Benefits for both Players and Streamers.


Are you a Facebook, Twitch or Youtube streamer that likes to stream games and want to get a little extra earning from your live streams?

You may find this topic interesting.


  • Regular streamer that has basic streaming setups.
    • Camera, Mic, Facebook, Twitch or Youtube habbits.
  • Is currently Active or wants to Migrate to play Limit Ragnarok.
  • Minimum 10 Live stream Hours per week.
  • CAN ONLY STREAM Limit Ragnarok as (Ragnarok related games) after accepting.

Application Form

  • Facebook/Discord Name:
  • Ingame Character Name:
  • Your stream audience description: (Nationality, PvP? PvM? Low rate? High rate? Mid Rate?)
  • Your stream platform: (Facebook, Twitch or youtube?)
  • Weekly streaming hours:
  • Paypal email:
  • Contact Lai on Discord Lai#8888 or Facebook.

Streamer Benefit

  • Every month, the streamer receives 100x 673.pngBronze Coin.
  • Streamers can use the  673.pngBronze Coin to attract viewers from Limit Ragnarok.
    • Distribute to players by giveaway, lottery, mini game.

Player Benefits

  • Watching and support your favorite streamer, will boost their exposure chance and the server.
  • Player can obtain 673.pngBronze Coin from their favorite streamer.

Lucky Roulette Descriptionimage.png

  • Use 1x 673.pngBronze Coin to receive a Roulette chance.image.png
    • You start from LINE 1
  • Use 10  675.pngSilver Coin to receive a Silver Roulette chance.image.png
    • You start from LINE 4
  • Use 10x  671.pngGold Coin to receive a Gold Roulette chance.image.png
    • You start from LINE 6


  1. Click on Start to begin the roulette.
  2. When the roll STOPS on an item, you can GET PRIZE or START to continue ladder up.
  3. If the STOP hits following items, you have to GET PRIZE. (And start from LINE 1.)

Roulette Item Reward List




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