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Changelogs - Newbie Instances


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Good day to you!

Thanks for reading the changelogs, this update we bring some easy content for beginners to enjoy.

If there's something I forgot to add, or update, you can always remind me in private message on Discord or Facebook!

Content Updates

  • Poring Village
    • Level 30-99 only.
    • A newbie instance where you can obtain 2 unique low hats + enchant
    • 19238.pngPoring Village Leek and 19239.pngPoring Village Carrot
    • Also fighint the King of Porings
    • More info on wiki
    • Start NPC (prt_fild05)
  • Old Glast Heim Beginner
    • A level 60+ OGH instance for beginners.
    • You will experience a very easy OGH run and fast phase.
    • Reward 1 Temporal Crystal and 1 Coag.
    • More info on wiki
    • Start NPC (glast_01)
  • Cash Shop
    • Added new costume garments
    • Added new effect stone

Other Updates

  • Old Glastheim dead bodies (maggot) spawns is now 1 cell touch to activate.
  • Vote Coin is now converted to Vote Points.
    • You use your coins to make it into points.
    • You can now use Points to buy from Vote Shop.
  • Added Town Point Shop in Prontera.
  • Added Tool Dealer near warper in Comodo.
  • Added Heroic weapon random option enchanter item into Item Mall.
  • Event PvP / BG Skill rebalance Update 2
    • Normal PvP Room = no skill rebalanced.
    • Event PvP Room + Death Match = has skill rebalanced.
    • BG Maps = has BG skill rebalanced.
  • Spoiler

    //Rune Knight
    RK_SONICWAVE,BL_PC,8,-50 // Reduced in Battleground
    RK_IGNITIONBREAK,BL_PC,8,-30 // Reduced in Battleground
    RK_WINDCUTTER,BL_PC,8,-30 // Reduced in Battleground
    RK_STORMBLAST,BL_PC,8,-40 // Reduced in Battleground

    //Guillotine Cross
    GC_CROSSIMPACT,BL_PC,8,-50 // Reduced in Battleground
    GC_COUNTERSLASH,BL_PC,8,-20 // Reduced in Battleground
    GC_CROSSRIPPERSLASHER,BL_PC,8,-30 // Reduced in Battleground

    WL_SOULEXPANSION,BL_PC,8,-30 // Reduced in Battleground
    WL_TETRAVORTEX,BL_PC,8,-50 // Reduced in Battleground
    WL_COMET,BL_PC,8,-60 // Reduced in Battleground
    WL_EARTHSTRAIN,BL_PC,8,-30 // Reduced in Battleground
    WL_JACKFROST,BL_PC,8,-30 // Reduced in Battleground
    WL_CRIMSONROCK,BL_PC,8,-50 // Reduced in Battleground
    WL_HELLINFERNO,BL_PC,8,-40 // Reduced in Battleground

    SR_TIGERCANNON,BL_PC,8,-50 // Reduced in Battleground
    SR_FALLENEMPIRE,BL_PC,8,-20 // Reduced in Battleground
    SR_GATEOFHELL,BL_PC,8,-20 // Reduced in Battleground

    //Minstrel / Wanderer
    WM_REVERBERATION,BL_PC,8,-20 // Reduced in Battleground

    SO_DIAMONDDUST,BL_PC,8,-10 // Reduced in Battleground
    SO_PSYCHIC_WAVE,BL_PC,8,-20 // Reduced in Battleground

    GN_SPORE_EXPLOSION,BL_PC,8,-30 // Reduced in Battleground
    GN_DEMONIC_FIRE,BL_PC,8,-30 // Reduced in Battleground

    RA_ARROWSTORM,BL_PC,8,-30 // Reduced in Battleground
    RA_AIMEDBOLT,BL_PC,8,-10 // Reduced in Battleground
    SN_SHARPSHOOTING,BL_PC,8,-20 // Reduced in Battleground

    //Rune Knight
    RK_SONICWAVE,BL_PC,4096,-90 // Reduced in Event PVP
    RK_IGNITIONBREAK,BL_PC,4096,-50 // Reduced in Event PVP
    RK_WINDCUTTER,BL_PC,4096,-60 // Reduced in Event PVP
    RK_STORMBLAST,BL_PC,4096,-70 // Reduced in Event PVP

    //Guillotine Cross
    GC_CROSSIMPACT,BL_PC,4096,-80 // Reduced in Event PVP
    GC_COUNTERSLASH,BL_PC,4096,-50 // Reduced in Event PVP
    GC_CROSSRIPPERSLASHER,BL_PC,4096,-80 // Reduced in Event PVP

    WL_SOULEXPANSION,BL_PC,4096,-50 // Reduced in Event PVP
    WL_TETRAVORTEX,BL_PC,4096,-80 // Reduced in Event PVP
    WL_COMET,BL_PC,4096,-90 // Reduced in Event PVP
    WL_EARTHSTRAIN,BL_PC,4096,-70 // Reduced in Event PVP
    WL_JACKFROST,BL_PC,4096,-50 // Reduced in Event PVP
    WL_CRIMSONROCK,BL_PC,4096,-80 // Reduced in Event PVP
    WL_HELLINFERNO,BL_PC,4096,-80 // Reduced in Event PVP

    SR_TIGERCANNON,BL_PC,4096,-80 // Reduced in Event PVP
    SR_FALLENEMPIRE,BL_PC,4096,-40 // Reduced in Event PVP
    SR_GATEOFHELL,BL_PC,4096,-40 // Reduced in Event PVP

    //Minstrel / Wanderer
    WM_REVERBERATION,BL_PC,4096,-50 // Reduced in Event PVP

    SO_DIAMONDDUST,BL_PC,4096,-30 // Reduced in Event PVP
    SO_PSYCHIC_WAVE,BL_PC,4096,-30 // Reduced in Event PVP

    GN_SPORE_EXPLOSION,BL_PC,4096,-80 // Reduced in Event PVP
    GN_DEMONIC_FIRE,BL_PC,4096,-50 // Reduced in Event PVP

    RA_ARROWSTORM,BL_PC,4096,-50 // Reduced in Event PVP
    RA_AIMEDBOLT,BL_PC,4096,-20 // Reduced in Event PVP
    SN_SHARPSHOOTING,BL_PC,4096,-40 // Reduced in Event PVP


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Assumption skill should increase received heal, instead of outgoing.
  • Fixed Spore Explosion item consume bug.
  • Fixed Dark Claw Boss bonus being wrong applied.
  • Fixed Lightning Walk should only be canceled by long ranged physical attack/skills.
  • Fixed an issue with PvP Pass Level 1, needed extra EXP.
  • Fixed MvP Ainz respawn issue.
  • Fixed a minor issue with Sealed Shrine baphomet hat crafting not repeatable.
  • Fixed Battleground Stone Control, not respawned correctly when dying.
  • Added some missing instance maps to Anti DC feature.
  • Fixed Shield Spell level 1 and 2 buff timer issue.
  • Fixed Hells Plant buff timer issue.
  • Fixed Geffen Magic Tournament and Sarah Memory missing Speed Run Timer.
  • Fixed Pressure hit display from 1 to 3.


  • Popcorn Festa event has now ended.
    • All it's related buffs or bonus or useful/etc items are removed.
  • Ongoing events:
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