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Wish all a great summer time here in Limit Ragnarok.

Delivering you some QoLs and new content progression.

1 step closer to release of all 4th job skills to public maps ^^

Content Updates

  • Orc's Memory Revamped
    • Dive into the Orc's Memory instance once again.
    • Now with a new plot and brand new 28522.pngRing of The Fallen for you to obtain.
    • Still a beginner instance for level 60+
    • More info on wiki.
  • Hugel Monster Racing Caps
    • Hugel Monster race rewards now update to give you 25273.pngMysterious Medal.
    • Added Mysterious Medal Crane NPC
    • You can now purchase Racing Caps from Wayne in Hugel.
    • More info on wiki.

Misc Updates

  • Battleground Updates
    • Added new mode Krieger von Midgard into the BG Queue.
    • Reduced the Deserter penalty.
    • Updated joining notice, if someone joins queue, it will be displayed in BG channel.
  • Cash Shop
    • Added 2 new costume garments.
      • image.pngimage.png
    • Fixed Erupt Ground effect stone.
  • Economy Rebalance
    • Updated all Food items NPC sell price to 0 (same as kRO).
    • Improved ETC item NPC sell price for Limitless dungeons.
  • Event Shop
    • Added 3 new Costume boxes to event shop.
    • The costumes are most classic such as Valkyrie helms.
  • Resting Cat
    • Added a new NPC in Service Center.
    • Exchange manuals and consume items.
    • Such as 2 EXP manuals into 1 bigger one.
  • Suggestion Updates
    • Removed guild Alliance, making it max 24vs24 at each confrontation.
    • Added Buffer option to healer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Smokie Hat not triggering auto bonus.
  • Fixed some missing Magma Dun F3/Abyss Glastheim random options, wiki has more info.
  • Fixed minor issue in Speed Run Record for Geffen Magic Tournament.
  • Fixed Morocc for not being a Town map.
  • Fixed minor issue in Friday Dungeon treasure chest.
  • Fixed an issue in Mining stones/crystals for no respawning.
  • Fixed Vendors did not receive Town Points when in town.
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