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Changelogs - Charleston Crisis Revamped


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Hey! Bringing you a new progression update of Charleston Crisis instance remade.

Also this is the final small update, and next update will be Episode 17.1 and 4th job skills released to all PvM maps 😄 

Everything just according to our transparent plannings in Server Progression topic 🙂

Thank you for the patience and continually support.

Content Updates

Misc Updates

  • Added a missing Battle Manual item ID to Resting Cat exchange.
  • Revamped Orc's Memory Boss fight mechanism.
  • Added Lutie to town mapflag.
  • Battle Pass Season 1 is ended.
    • PvP Death Match added a new map.
      • image.png
    • PvP Death Match is now 3 hours per game.
  • Added @itemsearch command ingame.
    • Type it to search any ItemID to show accurate item description ingame.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed to not display BG join queue message when you are in cool down or penalty.
  • Fixed penalty timer count to 1 second = 1 second.
  • Fixed issue with Joining On Going BG giving queue penalty.
  • Fixed a bug in Achievement BG/PvP Pass where you received 0 hat item in reward.
  • Fixed (C) Cow Hat should be top hat only.
  • Fixed minor issue with townpoint time display.
  • Fixed issue with Tantan noodle not taming correct mobID.
  • Fixed issue with equip for Newbie shadow gear of star emp / soul reap.
  • Fixed issue with Death Match can warp ppl out of certain activity.
  • Fixed issue with 1 unique Feather beret missing reduce player bonus.
  • Fixed issue with Ainz boss not getting summoned.
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