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Changelogs - Episode 17.1 & 4th Job Skill All Maps


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Today is the moment many has been waiting for.

We are now releasing all 4th job skills to all maps except GvG & BG.

Also a brand new Episode update for everyone to explore.

Thanks to you, because of you, we can make this happen.

Content Updates

  • Episode 17.1 Ilusion
    • A follow up of Episode 16.2, we are now entering a new era.
    • Brand new equipment and OS weapons with enchant/random options.
    • New quests, daily quests and daily instances.
    • New monsters and a new dungeon.
    • Full info check out wiki page.
  • 4th Job Skills
    • All skills were done long time ago, but we locked them away in 1 single map for more testing.
    • Now we are ready to release them together with Episode 17.1 just according to our Server Progression.
    • Enjoy your new skills in PvM/PvP.
    • If there are bugs (don't panic), just report on Report section and we will fix ~
    • *Note: If use Buff outside WoE castle and enter, the buff will stay.
    • 1000275.pngBeaker= Can be bought from Alchemist shops.
    • 1000352.pngMachine Creation Guide = Can be bought from Mado Gear shop.
  • Sword = Shield = Support (Trait rebalance)
    • 2 P.ATK = 1%
    • 2 SMATK = 1%
    • 5 RES = 1%
    • 5 MRES = 1%
    • 1 HPLUS = 5%
    • Note: Nerfed in power, buffed in shield and buffed in heal support.
    • (Please don't yell: i become weaker etc. This is server side update to maintain balance.)
    • (Right now, everyone just go full SWORD mode, but after this rebalance, it will be different, it matters both in PvM and PvP.)
    • Let's see how the effect takes place, maybe need more NERF in SWORD, maybe not, we will see.

Misc Updates

  • Added some missing Gelstar drops on some newer instance bosses.
  • Added Heal effect on many healing items.
  • PvP Death Match is now every 2 hours.
  • PvP Event Match is now every 4 hours.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor typos in new hunting Achievements fixed.
  • Fixed when ending BG not sending players out.
  • Fixed when joinbg cool down, not showing join queue in BG channel.
  • Fixed crash or accident leave BG map now gives only 10 seconds CD.
  • Fixed a bug in Battle Manual giving 200% instead of 50% exp boost.
  • Fixed Shiver Katar not accepting random options.
  • Fixed Food items giving more healing than description.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Effect Stone unenchanting.
  • Fixed some minor missing announcement in some egg scrolls.
  • Fixed Temporal Mant not allowing all jobs to equip.
  • Fixed a bug in Pintados event not triggering when submitting all required items.


  • Battle Pass Season 2, don't miss out!
  • EXP Boost event +50% for 2 weeks!


PS. For those who wants to get more private with me, you can join my private discord: https://discord.gg/DXDF6w4Z

We have a lot of GM Lai Family members in there, and we talk about anything, literary anything.



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