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Changelogs - Fixes


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Greetings my Limits, how are you? All good? Good!

Doing a small update to deliver some fixes that was reported over the past week.

Content Updates

  • Cash Shop
    • Added new wings
    • Added Effect Stone Box
  • VIP House
    • Added new exchange items to Nyan Time.
    • Upgrade to Battle Manual 500% and Mystical Battle & Gum Book.
  • Added functions to many Thump Boxes.
  • New Cute Pets
    • Bapho Jr can evolve into Chaos Bapho Jr
    • Chaos Bapho Jr can eolve into Baphomet
    • Golem can evolve into Fire Golem
  • kRO Monster Invasion Event
    • image.png
    • Help him daily and earn Q Pet Coins.
  • Cute Pet Manager have new eggs in stock, exchange Powerful essence to Chaos Bapho Jr or Aliot Egg.
  • Synced Monster drops with latest kRO.
    • Example Empty Bottle replaced with Fly Wings.
    • Some items rate down, some items rates up.
    • Champion monster card drop rate up.

Misc Updates

  • Added MvP Grave to Chimera Venomous and Bestia.
  • Added Drop rate increase information from equipment into Battlestats.
  • Pet Egg turn in now have chance to give you Q Pet Coin Bag.
  • Refine ticket 10 and some fly wing rental cash box is now tradable.
  • Added weight check for Battle Pass reward claim NPC.

Skill Fixes

  • Fixed crafting Capsulre for Meister.
  • Fixed a bug were Shadow Sense giving Kater users too much CRIT.
  • Fixed Telekinesis Intense buff giving 4x damage instead of 3x damage.
  • Fixed Frozen Slash skill not giving AP.
  • Fixed Serenade of Jawaii missing the walk speed up bonus.
  • Fixed Gloomy Shyness missing the "Fixed cast time increase" debuff portion.
  • Fixed cool down of Gloomy Shyness to 30 seconds.
  • Fixed Cardinal buff of WIS gone missing if using other buffs.
  • Fixed Shadow Stab not giving damage and also fixed Shadow Stab giving 2 hits if under Cloaking/Exceed.
  • Fixed Charging Spear, now it will give spear skill dmg boost under 10 counter.
  • Fixed Servant Sword buff effect display issue.
  • Fixed From the Abyss buff effect display issue.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed BG Flavius not teleporting players out when complete.
  • Fixed issue with BG KvM being full thus making joinbg queue broken.
  • Fixed Poring Village allowed above level 99 to enter.
  • Fixed Plaga monster spawn issue.
  • Fixed Meteor Strike not being a mace, and was not refinable.
  • Fixed an issue with Fishing spot vanishing.
  • Fixed a bug in Cor Mission 2 instance, if explosion box kill last mob, it will stuck.
  • Fixed Illusion Moonlight MvP only spawning once and not respawn.
  • Fixed Illusion Chain mail equip job mask.
  • Fixed Charleston parts not triggering random option giving feature.
  • Fixed Kafra Uniform missing combo with Kafra Headband.
  • Fixed Giant Fly Wing, not warping correctly.
  • Fixed Ep 17 Dien turn in photo part, being stuck if missing the item.
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