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Autumn is here guys, one of the best season to get out and take some maple leaf falling pictures.

I hope everyone is having a great time and is now harvesting great money from hard works of this year.

A chill update with some bug fixes and rebalances.

Content Updates

  • Limitless Island Deep Mine
    • Lowered the requirement for Pickaxe purchase
    • Added a new Pickaxe to the shop
    • Mine deposit in Deep Mine loot revamped (only new zeny loots now)
    • Improved monster Gelstar drop in Deep Mines.
    • Added some new monsters in the mines.
    • Mining Mithril Quest updated
      • Now only gives EXP, require 1 mithril ore only.
    • Homunculus and mercenary can no longer mine, if they mine = owner will die.
  • Gelstar Store
    • Lowered the cost of items in Gelstar Store.
  • More tradable items
    • Charleston Parts
    • Schwartzvald Honor Token
    • Hugel Racing Thanks Tickets
  • Improve Edda Glastheim monster drops
  • Added more functions to Thump Boxes
    • Silvervine Cat Costume hat thump box
    • Pet thump box
    • Class Shadow Thump boxes
  • Added sell price for ETC loots in Illusion dungeon vampire, frozen and abyss.
  • All costume stones added to Sabrina sisters enchantment.
  • Added Noblesse safe Refine ticket to Honor Token shop in Prontera Castle.
  • Gold now costs 500k zeny in Limit Market.

Bug Fixes

  • Added some missing quest indicator for Illusion of Vampire dungeon.
  • Fixed issue with Teleport for FOGH and Edda Moonlight instances.
  • Fixed Soul Division requires level 10 Espa instead of 5.
  • Fixed Excorcism Bible can't be applied with random options.

Event Updates



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