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Changelogs - Battleground


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You may, or may not like, earth will still spin round n round.

Content Updates

  • Battleground Update
    • Removed @joinbg 
    • Added BG Window queue
    • You can now choose freely which BG you want to play.
    • Arrange BG games in @recruit channel with others.
    • image.png
    • (Conquest, Dom, Stone, Rush and Boss are inactivated for now.)
    • Added new items to BG Shop
    • 6488.pngThanks Invest Ticket
    • 25399.pngGelstar
  • Cash Shop Update
  • VIP Update 
    • Daily giveaway now gives 1 25399.pngGelstar, removed the 10x World Tour Tickets.
  • Gelstar Store
    • Added new Egg Scrolls.
    • Removed zeny fee of Egg Scrolls.
    • Rebalanced the cost in Gelstar.
  • Vote Shop
    • Removed Egg scrolls
    • Added 25399.pngGelstar
  • Limit Group Market
    • Aurora NPC that sells gold, now also sells 25399.pngGelstar for 1,000,000 zeny with 1000 stock everyday.
  • Item Drop Rate bonus display
    • Now added display in @mi or @mobinfo ingame when you have item drop improvement bonus from equipment or bubble gum.
    • Example if you have Happy Balloon equipped and uses @mi fabre , it will show accurate drop rate with the bonus.
  • L-Phone improvement
    • Agi Up and Blessing is now level 10 and costs 50,000 zeny for 10 minutes.
    • Added Autoloot ON/OFF option.
    • Added some missing instance cool down checks.
  • Added server side support for upcoming Edda: Biolabs update.
  • Increased sealed biolab card trigger chance from 0.1 to 5%.
  • Added Thief Shadow Earring to Invisible Egg Scroll.
  • Added 10 new costume hats into Silvervine Costume Thump Box.
  • Added Kafra Lutie save option.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Migration Box.
  • Fixed rental items can be stored in storage.
  • Fixed some costume hat job stone wrong bonus.
  • Minor clean ups in cast time and delay behaviors.
  • Fixed issue with Mail Claim item, sometimes get stuck and forcing to relog.
  • Fixed an issue with autobonus on the same equipment slot not triggering.
  • Fixed Finding Ore not giving ores.
  • Fixed Evil Fanatic and Bakonawa to MvP mobs.
  • Fixed Candy Pouch bags equipped by all jobs.
  • Fixed Candyd Pouch bag random option apply fix.
  • Fixed some daily quest bugs.
  • Fixed a CD bug for Edda Glastheim hard mode.
  • Fixed Petitio auto cast AP bonus.
  • Fixed missing party leader check for episode 17.1 daily instances.


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