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Server Reward Program


We don't have any influensers shilling our server 24/7. Even without that, we are still doing pretty good, it means one thing, Limit Ragnarok is a worth to play server.

Your effort means something here. Effort = Result.

This event will be held for a long time, it's a long term activity based to encourage and rewarding Limit Ragnarok players who helps the server grow.

Together, we make it happen.

Facebook Share

Daily Activity

  1. You can join this everyday by sharing this link on 3x Ragnarok online related facebook groups.
  2. Attach this text into the post
    • Limit Ragnarok 100x100x20x is a progressive renewal based 4th Jobs server with max level 250/50. With active GM Team, developers, and community, we bring you the most stable long term server. A place where your effort is worth the result and Zeny is USD.


How to claim rewards?

  • After sharing, please take screenshot and send to [email protected]
  • Email title: Facebook Share
    • Discord Name:
    • Character Name:
    • Share Screenshots:

Voting on Website

Daily Activity

  1. Login to Limit Ragnarok website
  2. Click on https://www.limitragnarok.com/vote
  3. Fully vote for the server on all 4 Toplists
  4. Claim the Vote Points, and buy useful items from Vote Shop in /navi Prontera 131/54.
    • image.png

Streamer Program

Weekly Activity
  1. Make a live stream while playing Limit Ragnarok on any streaming platform Facebook, Twitch or Youtube.
  2. The live stream has to be minimum 2 hours long.
  3. You can boost your stream in our Discord image.png channel
How to claim rewards?
  • Each streaming platform will send you a result of your stream performance:
  • Send the report screenshot to [email protected]
  • Email  title: Streamer program
    • Discord Name:
    • Character Name:
    • Link of your Stream:
    • Stream report, example of Twitch:
    • image.png.bad54bbea127632deca27f7089fb4134.png

Youtube Video

Anytime Activity
  1. Record, edit and upload a video of gameplay of Limit Ragnarok.
  2. Minimum length of video must be 5 minutes.
  3. The video needs to have English subtitle and voice record (can be any language).
  4. After uploading, you can receive reward after 7 days.
  • The reward is judged based on 7 days view count result of your video.
  • View count under 100
  • View count 101 - 300
  • View count 301 - 500
  • View count above 500

How to claim rewards?

  • After 7 days of each uploaded video, you can send email to [email protected]
  • Email title: Youtube Video
    • Discord Name:
    • Character Name:
    • Link of your video:
  • (If you made video and forgot to send after 7 days, show the report of view count from day 1 to 7 it can be found in Youtube tools).

Forum Guide Making

 Anytime Activity
  1. Write a Job guide for your job in Limit Ragnarok.
  2. The guide needs to be under 
  3. The guide needs to be detailed with
    • Guide Title
      • Inquisitor PvP or PvM
    • Job basic description
    • Job stats recommendation
    • Job Skill tree recommendation
    • Farming spot
    • Equipment recommendation
    • Cons and Pros
    • Extra Tips

How to claim rewards?

  • After submitting a Job Guide, send email to [email protected]
  • Email title: Forum Job Guide
    • Discord Name:
    • Character Name:
    • Link of your Guide:
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  Lucky Roulette Descriptionimage.png

  • Use 1x 673.pngBronze Coin to receive a Roulette chance.image.png
    • You start from LINE 1
  • Use 10  675.pngSilver Coin to receive a Silver Roulette chance.image.png
    • You start from LINE 4
  • Use 10x  671.pngGold Coin to receive a Gold Roulette chance.image.png
    • You start from LINE 6


  1. Click on Start to begin the roulette.
  2. When the roll STOPS on an item, you can GET PRIZE or START to continue ladder up.
  3. If the STOP hits following items, you have to GET PRIZE. (And start from LINE 1.)

Roulette Item Reward List



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