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Changelogs - Edda Somatology Laboratory


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Boom shalakaka boom ~

Another progression forward to the bright future! Hope you like ~ muah!

Content Updates

  • Edda Somatology Laboratory (Edda Biolabs)
  •  Instance Manager, can find her in Prontera.
    • Allows you to reset all instances for 10m or 10 gelstars.
    • Has 30 minutes cool down.
    • Doesn't work for ET, and labs that summons field mvps.
    • image.png
  • Warper enhanced.
    • The warper will now warp you to any instance defined by level.
    • Some instances requires pre-quest to be completed to be used.

Misc Updates

  • Enabled 4th Job Skills in Battleground.
  • Enabled Costumes in WoE.
  • Limit Market
  • Ice Pick mechanism changed (Limit custom).
    • Now, when doing melee physical atk has 2% chance to auto trigger the bonus for 5 seconds.
  • Items that gives 100% ignore DEF of Players no longer affects Players. (Limit custom)
    • Example: Combat Knife.
  • Added support for Armor Level 2, for future. (rA update)
  • Player suggestion:
    • Reduced Creation Poison Bottle CD from 5s to 1s.
    • Added @alootid2
  • Added 12213.pngNeuralizer to Gelstar Store for 50 gelstars.
    • Reduced cost of it in Cash Shop as well.
  • Added Baphomet Egg into pet recycle box.
  • Removed @woe and other warp to castle items.
  • Anti CD in instance time graze reduced from 10min to 5min, prevent abuse.
  • Added small CD to Hearty Rice Cake and Salty Rice Cake.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minor bug in 24150.pngInfinity Shadow Earring
  • Fixed Mediale Votum.
  • Fixed RES not working for monster attacks.
  • Fixed missing refine ticket 13 in Ticket Refiner NPC.
  • Fixed bug with Sonic Wave dealing 3x damage.
  • Fixed bug with skill Repair, using too many items.
  • Fixes card bonus damage reaching the cap. (rA fix)
  • Corrected some item scripts for items IDs 28223, 28224, 28225, 28226, 13119, 13120, 13129, 28253.
  • Fixed bug were BG didn't have Max player cap added.
  • Fixed bug where Extended jobs can't claim Shadow Box in achievements.
  • Fixed bug in Serenade of Jawaii not giving AP.
  • Fixed Arms Cannon not ignore DEF bug.

Event Updates

  • Thanks giving event has ended.
  • All the questlogs deleted.
  • All event expire items expired.
  • The costume hat item bonus expired.


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