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Limit Ragnarok RMT Policy Change


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Limit Ragnarok RMT Policy Change

Dear Limitronians ~ 

Since we opened 6 months ago, we have been working progressively to make our server the best mid rate 4th job server with kRO timelines of content.

Not to compare or stress, we follow our own speed and implement step by step good and stable content to please all ~

More and more QoLs are added along the time, and more and more will come.

Our goal is to be most entertaining private Ragnarok server for gamers.

From 2021.10.31 forward, it will NO longer legal to RMT Zeny in Limit Ragnarok.

The idea of Limit Ragnarok to allow RMT Zeny was to help those in need, and my imagination was those who farm in server will also help server.

But, the reality is not matching my fairy tale fantasy. Most of the events I provide, and shout outs for farmers to help out in the past months, I receive no help...

All I see is the active farm farm farm and sell sell sell.

Covid is ending around the world, things are opening up, and it's also time for us to end our RMT in server.

Those who use this server and game as tool to make money, should now find another way to do so, we are after all just an entertainment game, for Gamers.

Server Rules Update

  • RMT in any form within Limit Ragnarok community is illegal, including advertise Buy/Sell.
  • If you get caught and reported for selling zeny, you will be punished accordingly the proof validation.
  • If you get caught and reported for selling account / items, you will be punished seriously super hard.
  • GM Team no longer help scam cases in regards of under table RMT. Do it on your own risk.

Advertise the server for Gamers

Limit Ragnarok will start a new Campaign in advertisement for real Gamers, and along with that after this change takes effect and many QoLs will be added, mostly to reduce the massive need of Zeny and lessen the P2W aspects for casual Ragnarok gamers.

To Zeny Farmers

If you hate because of this change, the it proves me right. 🙂 

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