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Changelogs - Gelnia & Mass Improvements


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Herro! This update is main focus for Limitronians to have fun and enjoy ~

A bit meassure to counter the NO RMT rule that will be applied end of the month, with reduced zeny needs.

And making the Cash more affordable and more Play to enjoy!

Content Updates

  • Gelnia - Limitless Island
    • A new discovery of Sealed boss monsters inside Gelnia.
    • They carries precious gem Gelstars and their power is weakened...
    • Explore the 3 floors of Gelnia (with 3rd floor being PvP).
    • Good place to harvest Gelstars + EXP.
    • More details on wiki.
    • image.png
  • Battleground Improvements
  • Cash Shop Improvements
    • VIP Membership costs 50% less.
      • Removed secret key from the VIP membership.
      • VIP members has now 5% EXP penalty.
      • VIP Daily updated to
        • Gelstar, Nyan Cat Fruit and Token of Siegfried
      • VIP Buff zeny cost reduced by 10 times.
      • None VIP Members will have the VIP aura removed when login.
      • 500% BM and the Bubble Gum are tradeable now.
    • Battle Manual now costs 50 CP
  • Gelstar Store Improvements
    • All consumes sold in Gelstar store are now Cash version (instead of F).
    • Added +7 Refine Tickets.
    • Added Infinite Fly Wing Box.

Misc Updates

  • Reseter NPC Improvements
    • It now costs 200k zeny per time used (instead of 1m zeny).
    • Under level 200 receives free reset.
  • Healer NPC Improvements
    • Cost now 200 z full heal
    • Costs now 1000 z for full level 10 Agi/Bless with long duration.
  • Ore Exchange NPC Improvements
    • Reduced the zeny need to upgrade ores.
    • Reduced material need.
  • Increased drop rate of Edda weapon from treasures to 15%.
  • AP is now lost when entering PVP/GVG/WoE/Battleground maps.
  • Improved Town Point, added a status when you are in a Town.
    • image.png
  • Improved drop rate of Somatology Experimental Fragment.
  • Migration Box now gives Infinite Fly Wing for 7 Days.
  • L-Phone is now level 100 feature (instead of lvl 140).
    • Reduced zeny fee from 1m to 100k.
    • Improved buff feature and reduced zeny cost.
    • Re-enabled the instance time check.
  • Platinum Skill NPC costs 5k zeny.
  • *Added missing instance speed run records for some instances and rewards updated (wiki for full info).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minor issue with Sealed Guardian Kades Card.
  • Fixed missing GMT and Faceworm instance in reseter.
  • Fixed Edda minor bugs.
  • Fixed king schmidts and Upgrade Part Plate unbreakable armor missing.
  • Minor fix in Warlock Magic book shop access CD.
    • Fixed a issue where the holy oil status wasn't increasing damage.
    • Duration on caster updated.
    • The shadow scar status now stacks and increases damage taken.
  • Fixed bug with Mining spots not respawning.
  • Fixed bug with Status Shadow Thump Box.
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Extra Update

  • Fixed Mining issue.
    • Couldn't mine the field mines.
  • Improved Edda Biolab weapon drop rate to 30%.
  • Improved Gelnia! More fun! More Gel!
    • Floor 1 = 8%
    • Floor 2 = 20%
    • Floor 3 = 1 ~ 5
  • Minor typo in some new added instance speed run ranking fix.
  • Added Insurance to Town Point Shop = cheap
  • Reduced Insurance/BM cost in Limit Group HQ shop.
  • Removed Refine tix from Gelstar Store (kinda ruined the market abit).
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