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Changelogs - Final QoL and Hellish Maze


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Good day! This will be our final major Quality of Life update. Previously we have made many QoLs to counter P2W (Gelstars), and allowing more Play 2 Win.

Instance Reset is even more cheaper, you will be able to farm more instances.

This time, all Illusion hunting quests that gives great EXP can be reset, now you will be able to reach max level MUCH faster.

With this update, the server is 100% Fun to Play ❤️

Content Updates

  • Hellish Maze Part 1
    • Silla the God of nature has arrived to Limitless Island.
    • She has the knowledge to open up the Hellish Maze portals.
    • The maze is designed for good equipped level 220+ party with tricky mechanism.
    • EXP is good and you can farm materials to craft new items:
    • More info on wiki.
  • Illusion Dungeon Improvement
    • The Illusion Investigation team daily quests can now be reset.
    • Each costs 500k zeny or 1 Gelstar

Misc Updates

  • Instance Reseter reduced fee to 1m zeny or 2 gelstars and cooldown reduced to 15 min.
  • Trait Status Rebalance
    • Reverted P.ATK and S.MATK trait bonus to 1 = 1%.
    • RES/MRES cap improved from 50% to 80%
    • 5 RES / 5 MRES reduced to 4 RES / 4 MRES = 1%. 
  • Illusion Dungeon equipment crafting now requires +7 instead of +9 items.
  • Limit Group free equipment now has Max Level restrictions added.
  • Removed Town Point auto message, preventing chat box spam.
  • Added Anti DC 5 minutes protection for Deep Mine.
  • Added some missing effect on % healing items.
  • Updated some % healing items cool downs.
  • Bio Experimental Recycling Box can be bought from yuno instance NPC.
  • Effect Stone Box Recycling can be bought from Cola Machine in VIP House.
  • PvP Event and Death Match now drops Player Skull upon kill.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fix when mining and reloaditem db, can break the pickaxes.
  • Fixed item combo for 20749.pngFallen Warrior Manteau [1].
  • Fixed Overbrand, Shield press, Hesperus Lit, acid fire expansion, cart tornado, wrong hit count.
  • Minor bug fix in one Alberta daily quest.
  • Fixed wrong EXP reward amount in Illusion of Deepsea daily hunting quest.
  • Fixed bug in boss fight of Somatology Laboratory instance, where dead players can get ress teleport.
  • Fixed Vacuum Extreme not fully removed when using Crazy Weed.
  • Fixed Repent Slasher being enchantable, removed the enchants from existing ones.
  • Fixed minor bugs in Effect Stone enchanter NPC.

Event Updates

  • Battle Pass Season 2 has ended.
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