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Changelogs - Why so sexy?


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Content Updates

  • Rebalanced the Limit Group equipment
    • The logic behind this is to not spoon feed new players which loses the taste of the game.
    • The cost of the Limit Group equips are lowered.
    • Advanced Limit Group gears are level 140+ now.
  • Sprakki calls.
    • Those who have completed full Limit Academy tutorial quest can talk to Sprakki to receive a new 23585.pngBeginner Support Box(100).
    • This box included items useful for level 100.
  • Battle Pass S3
  • Guild Dungeon Access revamped
    • The Guild Dungeon investment to access has been removed.
    • All players who wants to access, can talk to Cat NPC and enter by paying Zeny fee.
    • Guild castle owners can enter for free.
  • Battleground Updates
    • All BG modes are now enabled.
    • The rewards has been doubled.
  • Hell Maze Updates
    • Adjusted the Soul Trap mechanism.
    • Disabled use of @commands, to prevent @refresh.
    • Added more Costume hats to Hellish Merchants.

Misc Updates

  • VIP Member sale has ended, now costs the original price.
    • The EXP Penalty now only takes 1% EXP for VIP members.
  • Added Gym Pass to Gelstar Store.
  • Gelstar in Vote Shop now costs 10 instead of 20.
  • Added Character Name Color Embrace items to Vote Shop
    • voteshopcolornames.png

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Purified Knight Shield random option number.
  • Fixed missing random options for Crimson Booster.
  • Fixed Drops Balloon giving wrong stat bonus.
  • Fixed an possible exploit in Gelnia F3 daily quest.
  • Corrected EXP reward from abyss glastheim and magma dungeon F3 daily quest.
  • Fixed missing daily quest auto reset in Charleston crisis instance.

Event Updates

  • Halloween Event ended
    • All it's related items removed.
    • All it's related quest logs removed.
  • Royal Hunting has begun!
    • From 2021.11.11 to 2021.11.30


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Forgot to mention:

  • Cor Core and Unknown Part drop rate was improved a little based on new info from official.
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