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Herro! Good to see you, all good? Me good, hope you too! Bery guud!

Supposed to be a big update end of the month, but I felt it will be too much, so I decided to split it into 2 parts.

This part will bring us as seen on the title, 3 new dungeons with equipment and weapons!

Also a brand new client + expanded 4th jobs base support.

Content Updates

  • Einbech Mine F3
    • A new level 180+ dungeon under Einbech Mine.
    • Unique monsters that drops minerals.
    • New weapons and accessories!
  • Past Odin Temple
    • A 180+ dungeon for you to experience the past feeling of Odin Temple.
    • See the angel monsters in their ancient form.
    • Brand new equipment and enchants.
  • Abyss Lake F4
    • A 190+ dungeon to discover the hidden treasure under Abyss Lake.
    • New set of equipment and random options!
  • Imperial and Grace sets!
    • A newbie friendly update for Limitronians to obtain new set of gears.
    • See wiki Episode 16.2 and Episode 17.1 for the NPC location!
    • Refine tickets for those sets included in the shop!
  • Job Changer
    • Speak to Job Changer as max leveled expanded job to turn into the new jobs.
    • If you are a Summoner, speak to Sage Tiger for the job change!

Misc Updates

  • Black Friday donation Credits 20% bonus!
    • On 26th November whole day, each donation you make to support server, gives 20% extra credits!
    • Server time 00:00 to 23:59 on 26th November!
  • Added Einbech Mine F3 Mineral exchange NPC in Limit Market.
    • You can turn 3 into 1 different.
  • Improved Somatology Laboratory instance enchant rate of high level enchant stones.

New sample Client Features

  • Get the new client.
    • You may patch up the game to receive all files automatically.
    • You may also download Full Installer v3 - which is pre-patched.
  • More Preview feature
    • Allowing you to preview costume garment from cash shop.
    • Allowing you to preview hats from NPC shop.
  • Game Setting "Rodex block stranger."
    • Mark this to block RODEX from not friend/not guild mates.
    • image.png
  • Unequip all - click to unequip all equipped items (excluding shadow gears).
    • unknown.png
  • Improved Zoom in / out
    • Note: this is unofficial, so some sprites if you zoom too much in or out, may not be good looking 😛 
    • unknown.png
  • 10 New Hairstyles from Stylist in Service center.
    • newhairstyles.png


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