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Changelogs #3


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Our server has officially been stable running for 1 full month! Woot! >:D

Time flies... and thank you all for settling down and being supportive in all ways.

Todays update is mostly preparation for WoE the starts tomorrow, our own treasures and other WoE perks.

Deep Mines are also finally open, good spot for level 210+ parties to grind and mine!

PS. Some bug reports, didn't get fixed yet, due to planning/priority/time, but as long as it's reported, we will fix them.

Content Updates

  • War of Emperium will kick off tomorrow the first time.
    • More details about it visit https://www.limitragnarok.com/wiki/War_of_Emperium
    • You can also see the treasures and other participant rewards.
    • New Guild Dungeon Chief - accepting Guild Dungeon Invitation to warp you to any map.
    • New Godly item Rental quest in Prontera.
  • Deep Mines
  • Fishing
    • Added some new Fishing spots.

General Fixes

  • The illusion crafting wrong material is now fixed to Suspicious_Pentacle
  • Refine UI should be removed when warped like using flywing/butterfly wing.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Battleground that caused failed to queue.
  • Fixed a potential server crash caused by BG queue.
  • OGH Normal/Hard respawn mechanism re-applied. (Forgot to push in the last update...my bad.)
  • Fixed Sakura event item not vanished when consumed.
  • Fixed missing Infinite Space CD reset in compensation NPC.
  • Fixed few buff skills that temporary resets the Cloth color.
  • Fixed a bug in Fishing, were fish points was not calculated correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in item 2185.pngMagic Reflect, to make it work correctly.
  • Fixed a small display issue for instance ranking records.
  • Fixed Illusion of Frozen mvp summon bug.

QoL / Player Suggestions

  • Added fishing Bait counter when selecting bait.
  • VIP Daily reward switched out Insurance with Guild Dungeon Invitation.
  • Increased restock of Refine hammers / Shadowdecon Ore / Zelunium Ores. (last update, forgot to push...)
  • Removed useless "Warp wings" from Mysterious Egg II.
  • Removed EXP Penalty for Auto event maps Bombring/Capture Poring.
    • Bombring event debuff function removed.
  • Updated Prontera Healer position.
  • Increased chance to obtain Mithril Ore from regular mining deposits.
  • Updated L-Phone displaying the Instance cool down correctly.

Ongoing Events




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