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Hi Limitans ~ Here, Limit Ragnarok delivers another update for you to enjoy!

New content progression with releasing of Edda: Half Moon Daylight instance.

Releasing the 2nd job quest skill improvement patch.

All in all, it's a chill update, hope you will enjoy!

Content Updates

  • Edda: Half Moon Daylight
    • The first story line of Edda series, with a new instance.
    • Enter Pope's dream and find out what's disturbing her.
    • New Accessory with enchants.
    • More info on wiki.
  • Illusion Dungeon Investigation Team
    • Join the new investigation team to access.
    • New Illusion dungeon daily quests added to all dungeons
    • Rewards with EXP and random amount of Illusion Stones.
    • illusionteam1.pnggeneralmanagerkoel.png
    • Entrance Prontera (224/114)
  • QoL and Cool Updates
    • Added Magma F3 and Abyss GH item drops and it's random options.
    • Added a new Wig box to Event Shop.
    • Added new Costume Garment and Effect Stone to Cash Shop.
    • VIP Room buffer will now heal you. (Suggested by player)
    • Easier to invest in City Reputation. (Suggested by player)
    • Added WoE Castle Teleport scroll 1 and 2 in BG Store.
    • Duplicated Archangel Wing enchanter to Item Mall.
  • 2nd Job Quest Skill Improvements
    • Charge Attack
      • Regardless of the distance to the target, damage is changed to 700% ATK.
      • The target's knockback distance is unified as 2 cells by default, and applied as 4 cells in the PVP map. (The knock-back effect does not apply in GvG.)
    • Shrink
      • Duration is increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
      • SP consumption increased to 100.
      • Now it will Stun the enemy instead of knockback.
    • Sonic Acceleration
      • Sonic Blow's accuracy has been increased from 50% to 90%.
      • Changes the Sonic Blow damage increased effectiveness by 90% percent from 10%.
    • Venom Knife
      • SP consumption is increased from 15 to 35.
      • Increased damage to the ATK 500% from the existing ATK 100%.
    • Close Confine
      • SP consumption increased from 25 to 40.
      • Increases Evasion from 10 to 50 when not ten seconds to move the caster and the target.
    • Sight Blaster
      • Duration is increased from 2 minutes to 15 minutes, and damage is increased from 100% MATK to 600% MATK.
      • SP consumption will increase from the existing 40 to 80.
    • Create Elemental Converter
      • Materials updated
      • Converter duration increased from 3 min to 20 min.
    • Phantasmic Arrow
      • SP consumption is increased from 10 to 50.
      • Does not consume arrows to targets.
      • Fixed Wind elemental damage ATK 500%, enemy gets knockback effect.
    • Pang Voice
      • SP consumption is increased from 20 to 40.
      • Chance to add Bleeding added.
    • Charming Wink
      • SP consumption is increased from 20 to 40.
      • Chance to add Hallucination added.
    • Dubious Salesmanship
      • Reduce the amount of zeny consumed when using Mammonite from 10% to 20%.
    • Redemptio
      • SP is changed to consume SP 800.
      • No longer consume EXP, instead it drains all casters HP to 1 HP.
    • Excruciating Palm
      • Increases SP and HP consumption
      • Inflicts ATK 800% damage to the target, knocks back targets within 3x3 cells around the target, and changes to take [Abnormal State: Stun].

General fixes here and there

  • Fixed the BG Mode RWC which made BG queue stuck.
  • Minor fix in the PvP event ending announcement.
  • Removed trade restrictions from Silvervine Cat Fruit.
  • Made Mine deposit immune against skills (prevent heal.)
  • Minor fix in Poison Mist missing Attack motion (it was spamming instant).
  • Fixed some mid gear being Refine able.
  • Enable Basilica, Assumptio to work in WoE.
  • Enabled Basilica, Assumptio, Backslide and Body relocate to work in BG maps.
  • Added missing instance speed run record to Orcs Memory instance.
  • Fixed Siege Token rewards for active WoE players during WoE, giving items now to inventory if inside castle when it ends.
  • Minor bug in mining daily quest.
  • Minor typo in Illusion of Frozen dialog.
  • Minor bug fix in Illusion water when summon MvP Kraken.
  • Fixed a bug in Illusion Enchanter, with giving wrong enchants of Runes, should be max level 2 instead of 3, and other minor wrong enchants. Corrected for everyone who got the wrong ones. (if you have wrong ones, PM me. But should be a case.)
  • Minor bug fix in warlock magic book making.
  • Added a fix for INFINITE_TICK crash fix.
  • Fixed Cursed Bloody Shield not counted as shield.
  • Added new costume hats to DB
  • Enabled drop effects to the game, when opt and card drops on floor, it comes with effect.
  • Removed Warp feature from WoE Schedule Board NPC.
  • Effect Stone removal Service costs now 10 Gelstars, (previous 100 is a mistake.)
  • Minor bug fix in TODG instance.

Event Updates

Let's harvest some melons!


The Sakura Cherry Blossom event has ended.




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