Faceworm Nest

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The Faceworm Nest instance is located at the right of the two large areas in the bottom left pathway in the Dimensional Space. 

The instance needs to be completed within 1 hour.

Have completed quest: Dimensional Rift

Speed Run Record

Weekly speed run is an exclusive feature for this instance, that resets every Monday.

All the party members that hold the fastest clearance of this instance will receive the following on record reset.

10x 25399.pngGelstar

The prizes are sent to RODEX

Entrance NPC



Talk to Magic Scholar to generate and enter the instance.


Instance Tutorial

Step 1


  • Once inside, head a little bit south and you'll see Chaos and Iris. Talk to Chaos to start the instance.
  • Faceworms will begin to infest the area and you must get rid of all of them.
  • When you exterminate all the Faceworms on the map, Dark Faceworm will spawn at a certain location. Kill it as quickly as you can.
  • After you kill the Dark Faceworm Treasure Chest will appear. Click on it and it will drop some Giant Faceworm Skins. Head over to the portal just north of where Dark Faceworm spawned to get to the next area
Step 2





  • This area is more of the same as the last one. Kill all of the Faceworms and the Dark Faceworm will spawn.
  • Open the Treasure Chest and proceed to the next area.
Step 3





  • Speak to Chaos and he will check out what's inside the hole. After the dialogue, Faceworm Queen spawns in the middle of the area.
  • Faceworm Queen has a chance to randomly turn into a different element with different sets of attacks.
  • Get the treasure as soon as you kill 'Faceworm Queen. Remember that the faster you clear the stage, the better enchants and higher refines you will get on your Giant' Faceworm Skins

Instance Monster

Monster Name Rare Drops


Venom Bug


  • N/A


Faceworm Egg


Faceworm Larva




Dark Faceworm


Faceworm Queen



  • This chest spawns after you kill the final boss.
  • You have chance to obtain
  • The garments can have up to 3 enchants
Location Enchant
4th Slot Random Stats 3 ~ 7
3rd Slot Random Stats 3 ~ 7
2nd Slot