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The Secret box feature is our little gacha feature.

Inside the boxes, you can find very rare and good items, but in order to open each box, you need to obtain the Secret Key.

Content of the items are same as official gacha boxes, only minor differences are the rarerity of each item and the way to obtain the boxes.

New types of Secret Boxes will be introduced as our server content progress futher.

How to obtain Secret Box?

Dr. Tortel

Gelstar Store inside Limit Service Center sells Secret Box.

Currently in stock are Lai's Secret Boxes.

How to obtain Secret Key?

You receive Secret Keys as bonus when purchasing special package items from our Cash Shop.

Currently bonus keys are Lai's Secret Keys.

Example: VIP Membership or various Potion Boxes gives keys as bonus.

List of Secret Boxes

Box Name Common Items Rare Very Rare Ultra Rare

41124.pngLai's Secret Box (1)

41125.pngLai's Secret Box (2)

41126.pngLai's Secret Box (3)

41127.pngLai's Secret Box (4)


41128.pngLai's Secret Box (5)

41129.pngLai's Secret Box (6)

41130.pngLai's Secret Box (7)

41131.pngLai's Secret Box (8)

41132.pngLai's Secret Box (9)

41133.pngLai's Secret Box (10)

41134.pngLai's Secret Box (11)


41135.pngLai's Secret Box (12)

41136.pngLai's Secret Box (13)