Somatology Laboratory

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Somatology Laboratory also called Biological Research Center is a dungeon instance that tells the story of how the Biolab adventurers met their fate.

Speed Run Record

Weekly speed run is an exclusive feature for this instance, that resets every Monday.

All the party members that holds the fastest clearance of this instance will receive follwing on record reset.

13x 25399.pngGelstar

The prizes are sent to RODEX.

Entrance NPC


yuno 216/345

Talk to Sierra to start the Exploration Mode, after clearing it, you get access to Battle Mode.

Both Exploration Mode and Battle Mode shares same cool down.

Need to be level 170+ to enter the instance.

Enchant NPC

NPC Info 1st Possible Enchants 2nd Possible Enchants


yuno 220/352

Talk to Lavian to enchant your Experimental Lab Weapons.

There are 3 options to enchant. A weapon can have max 2 enchants.

Need 25787.pngSomatology Experimental Fragment and 25786.pngSomatology Research Document

On Failure: Chance to resets the enchants.

General Enchant

Costs: 50x 25787.png & 50x 25786.png

1st Enchant has 35% chance to failure, with 5% chance to destroy the weapon.

2nd Enchant 70% chance to failure, with 20% chance to destroy the weapon.

Advanced Enchant

Costs: 500x 25787.png & 500x 25786.png

1st Enchant 10% chance to failure, with 0% chance to destroy the weapon.

2nd Enchant 30% chance to failure, with 0% chance to destroy the weapon.

Determind Enchant

Costs: 5000x 25786.png

1st Enchant can't be used.

2nd Enchant allows you to 100% select the enchant you desire.


Experimental Lab Weapons

  • All party members have ~30% chance to get a random weapon from Battle Mode treasure chest.
  • The Battle Mode MvP has 10% chance to drop Experimental Weapon Box.

Exploration Mode

Step 1


Talk to Sierra to enter the room.

Step 2


Talk to all the 6 adventurers

Step 3


Here you can choose one of 6 labs to begin the journey.

Battle Mode

Step 1


Talk to Sierra to enter the battle room.

Step 2

Kill the monsters in each zone to get to the next one.

Step 3

Kill the boss and claim the treasure.

Everyone in the party can claim the treasure box, it has 5% chance to give a random weapon.

Instance Monster

Monster Name Rare Drops


Nameless Swordsman


Nameless Acolyte


Nameless Merchant


Eremes Guile


Rekenber Senior Guard


Rekenber Guard


Rengenschirm Scientist


Nameless Swordsman